Lowe’s Foods Grocery Store – Their Store Brand Food Is Absolutly Horrible And Not Worth The Money Saved!

Two days ago I went to Lowe’s Foods to pick up a couple different things to have a family dinner with a bunch of relatives.  As I was shopping for things to get to provide an entire meal, I couldn’t believe how expensive everything was.  I was about half way done and I was already close to $100 worth of groceries.

I had wondered if I bought the Lowe’s Food’s brand, if I would save any money.  As I was ready to go look at ingredients for my coconut crème pie and I headed down the baking isle.  I had first gotten to the coconut and I couldn’t believe the prices and the little selection they offered.

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Lowe’s Foods only had two selections of coconut and one of them was their brand.  I had looked at the price difference and it was major!  It was $1.99 for a 16oz. bag whereas the other brand was 12oz. for $2.79.  So to decide which on I was going to buy was very easy.

I had decided to buy a couple other Lowe’s Foods to save on money and thought that I would be fine with Lowe’s guaranteeing 200% quality assurance!  I had checked out and spent around $175 on everything I was making for my family.  When I got home I starting making my cake so that it could be fully don the day before.

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It was around 7:30 pm when I started the cake and I knew I would be done with the following 2 hours.  As I had everything together and was about to use the coconut, I had opened the bag up and problems began.  My girlfriend was in the kitchen when I opened the bag and she had asked me if I had farted. I had laughed my ass off and told her to smell the coconut.

The coconut smelled absolutely horrible so I checked the expiration date and it was in date by a long shot!  I then decided to taste it because coconut can smell a little nasty especially when it is processed and bagged.  As I tasted the coconut it was as bad as the smell.  It didn’t taste good and it was almost like it had been sitting in that bag for years!

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I was so pissed because I was about to be done with the pie but then had to run out to another store to get coconut!  I went back to Lowe’s Foods tonight and returned the two bags telling them that it tasted horrible.  On the bag they tell you that they will return your money 200% so that means they will return your money and give you money for purchasing Lowe’s Foods brand.

That was certainly not the case and the woman only returned the money I spent.  I think that Lowe’s Foods needs to take off the 200% quality satisfaction stamp off their products!  I will never buy their brand every again and will be returning the other products tomorrow.

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