Maharani Indian Restaurant – the place smelled like crap and was nasty!

I have found the grossest restaurant ever!

My girlfriend and I were looking for something different to eat and we were hungry. We happened upon this Indian restaurant down here on S. Kings Dr. in Charlotte, North Carolina. I hadn’t had good Indian food in a while – last time I had good Indian food was at a little hole in the wall in Soho in New York City – but that was like 10 years ago.

So we went to this place called Maharani authentic Indian cuisine. Apparently we saw they have a buffet if you’re there earlier but we were there at six o’clock so it was definitely dinner time. We were seated at a table and the smell of literal crap or barf kept wafting over in our direction. At first it was barely noticeable, but quickly it got worse and worse.

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Maharani Authentic Indian Cuisine
901 S. Kings Dr.
Suite 115
Charlotte, NC 28204

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I also noticed there were flies about. Some were little fruit flies and you could barely see them and others were these big black flies that were probably a good half-inch or so in length. You could not miss the big black flies. They were landing on the table in front of us and in our hair. It was quite gross.

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I also noticed that the silverware was not exactly clean. There were pieces of dried food, small but definitely noticeable, on the silverware like it had not been fully cleaned. That was the kicker for us. We had to leave and by then the smell was getting rather rank and I’m sure that’s what was attracting these flies.

We just got up and walked right on out and and I can assure you we will never go back there again. Do not go to Maharani for Indian food or even to eat – I have never seen a restaurant so gross in my life.

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