Mary Kay cosmetics scam – America’s worst selling brand and why!

Mary Kay cosmetics and beauty products

Mary Kay – America's worst selling brand with millions of failed sales representatives worldwide!

I went to Wal-Mart the other day and as I walked towards the store from my parked car I saw several vehicles with bumper stickers proclaiming Mary Kay as America’s best-selling brand. Oh, if only they knew how far this was from the truth. The sad reality is that 99.9999% of all Mary Kay salespeople earn nothing and many of these people don’t even break even on their introductory or beginners kits.

Yes, there are a few people out there that do make some money with Mary Kay, but they are very few and far between. The odds are somewheres around the range of one per 100,000 Mary Kay salespeople ends up making a decent amount of money. Yes you might see someone with a pink Cadillac or a red Pontiac that looks like they’re an area manager and they might be successful, but it’s actually far from the truth.

Just because someone makes money for Mary Kay and their upline does not necessarily mean they make money for themselves. Many Mary Kay representatives are pushed into buying expensive kits far above and beyond what they’re required to have. The average is around $3000 from some of the more pushy sponsors. Now guess what? The sad reality is that all these Mary Kay representatives that don’t make any money or lose their shirts in this business end up dumping their products on places like eBay for anywheres between one half and one fourth of what they paid.

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You can see this yourself by seeing the millions of items that are listed and have been sold on eBay alone pertaining to Mary Kay cosmetics. These items are not mainly from people that bought it to use it. The vast majority of these items are from sales representatives that never made a penny and are trying to recoup their supposed investment. Now what strikes me as odd is that most people don’t see this.

If I were a budding entrepreneur, the money is not made in being a part of Mary Kay – period. The real money is made in buying Mary Kay products and cosmetics at a huge discount from failed sales reps on places like eBay.  Then instead of buying items at the prices through Mary Kay, you get them at a steep discount and can then host your own parties just like the Mary Kay reps do, but instead make a 200 or 300% greater profit.

That’s where the real money is and there are people out there actually doing this and making far more money then any Mary Kay representative.  But the important point here is that they do not work for Mary Kay.  They work for themselves and there’s nothing Mary Kay can do to stop them because they legally purchased these items from failed Mary Kay representatives through legal avenues like Ebay.

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By working for Mary Kay as a Mary Kay representative your odds of making it and making a decent income are terrible.  Believe me I have seen area reps that claim to be great and have a huge downline show me numbers that they’ve made $7000 or so a month.  What they’re not telling you is how much money and product they have to pay for, free products they have to give away for people to host some of these parties, the taxable part of their income (federal and state tax), amount of hours and anguish they have put in to control a huge downline of high maintenance representatives with an extremely high failure rate.  Then there’s also the books, tapes, CDs and more, which albeit they’re not supposedly required, are heavily sold, pusehed and basically required through the downline.

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All these expenses weigh in on that  supposed $7000 a month this person is making for having a downline of 50 or so people.  In other words they’re not making $7000 a month.  When you take all that into consideration they might make $1500 to $3000 a month and that’s after many years and a lot of time and effort.  Most Mary Kay sales reps don’t even get that far.  Most of them don’t even get out the door – from numerous news sources and reliable government agencies that have looked into Mary Kay to determine whether or not it is a illegal Ponzi scheme the average income earned by a Mary Kay sales rep during their lifetime career with Mary Kay is a grand total of $300!  That’s it!

If you feel the burgeoning need to sell cosmetics and you want to sell Mary Kay the best way to do it is not to go through the local regular Mary Kay channels.  Go and buy the products you wish to resell from all the millions of failed Mary Kay salespeople and representatives on places like eBay at huge, steep discounts.  Then go and have your own parties and sell your own products.  Besides then you’re free to choose whatever products you want.  You can even choose other manufacturer’s products.  And there’s nothing illegal about  it and there’s also nothing Mary Kay or any other company can do about it.  Your profits would be far larger than any one that is currently selling Mary Kay as a representative for Mary Kay.  Remember, Mary Kay is just another MLM (Multi Level Marketing) scam where only a handful of people ever really make any money…

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61 Responses to Mary Kay cosmetics scam – America’s worst selling brand and why!

  1. Kary on September 29, 2010 at 2:16 PM

    I agree, Mary Kay is a huge Ponzi scheme. Almost no one ever makes any money. But, of course they will lie to you on a daily basis. What a scam!

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  2. jordana on October 2, 2010 at 11:57 PM

    I agree. I became a consultant about a week ago and I am already getting out. I figured that process of making no money. And your car isnt based on sales, its based on how many minions you have working under you. Here is an example:
    I have 5 dollars and decide to buy an eyeshadow for 5 dollars. I purchase it and pay 1 dollar for tax and 1 dollar for shipping.(total equals 7 dollars spent) I then have to sell it at the retail price of 10.00 plus tax so it equals 11 bucks.(a four dollar profit) I have to take that 11 dollars and reinvest it into another eyeshadow to sell. There goes another 7 bucks which leaves me with 4 dollars. I have made no profit and I am in the hole. My director told me that once I sell something, I have to replenish it. Seems reasonable but when you break it down, you see that you lose money. I am not re ordering and I will be getting out. Dont sign up.

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  3. Brenda on October 5, 2010 at 3:42 AM

    Mary Kay is terrible! I did it for 2 years and never made any significant money at all! They kept having me buy more supplies, books and motivational cd’s. When it was all said and done I might have made a $100 profit in all that time. There is no money to be made in selling Mark Kay cosmetics at all!

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  4. stacey on October 22, 2010 at 2:04 PM

    Warning — This comment is from a employee, salesperson or other individual with a vested interest in Mary Kay cosmetics — Warning It is really sad when people choose to bash a company or a product just because it did not work for them. With Mary Kay you buy a product at wholesale and sell it at retail. If you are not familiar with this process you are way out of touch!! Whatever you buy daily is bought at wholesale and sold at retail prices. The companies have overhead, employees, etc. that take someof the profit. NO ONE “makes” their Gross profits in ANY business. I have always been taught to sell my products at retail price and take my 40% and put it in my pocket. 50% goes to purchase more product and the extra 10% goes toward, taxes, shipping and other expenses. I am really sorry you don’t have a business sense about you, not all people do. You can enjoy your income through working for others. Me, I am sticking with my Mary Kay business. I LOVE the products and I know that EVERYTHING I purchase can be returned to the company for 100% guarantee. So again WHy complain about a company that offers that guarantee?? If you are not happy send it in and go on your way. It is not for everyone, but why not let them try it. They have nothing to lose!

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  5. Ashley on October 22, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    Warning — This comment is from a Mary Kay representative, employee or other similar person vested in Mary Kay. — Warning When evaluating a complaint, or making a complaint about a company, I prefer to do so based on reliable data. Unfortunately, the data presented by the author of this original story chooses to use “EVALUATIONS” such as, “The sad reality is that 99.9999% of all Mary Kay salespeople earn nothing and many of these people don’t even break even on their introductory or beginners kits,” “anywheres between one half and one fourth of what they paid,” “The average is around $3000 from some of the more pushy sponsors,” (this is a statistical outright lie –call MK).

    My favorite is this from the above-mentioned, self-procalimed, “budding enterprenuer,” “They work for themselves and there’s nothing Mary Kay can do to stop them because they legally purchased these items from failed Mary Kay representatives through legal avenues like Ebay.” Again, this is an outright fabrication, as anyone intellgent enough to research current legal litereature would find the contrary to be true — Mary Kay is not only fighting the ebay’s to preserve the integrity of its BEST SELLING BRAND, but is WINNING the legal battle.

    My only regret, is that someone not yet versed in evaluating research may actually think the author is legitimate in ANYTHING he/she is saying. One of my favorite sayings is, “I choose only to take advice from someone who is where I want to be, in life.” I don’t believe I would take my business advice from the original author.

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  6. admin on October 22, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    The above 2 comments were made by Mary Kay people. The truth here is that the vast majority of people that try selling Mary Kay never do make any real money – I know this from personal experience as several family members of mine tried it and none of them ever really made any real money. I also have had numerous friends try it and they also failed to really make any money.

    As to the arguements made by “Ashley” above, they are all lies and wrong. Per the FTC and numerous business laws both state and federal, when a consumer or business purchases goods they have all resale rights to those goods. Unless there is a specific signed contract endorsed by both Mary Kay and each salesperson that states otherwise – which there isn’t, then the purchaser retains all rights and can resell the products in any avenue they want from Ebay to Craigslist.

    As to consumers it doesn’t matter as there can be no legal contract regarding as to the disposition of products purchased by said consumer. So, these salespeople and consumers are 100% legally allowed to sell their unsold Mary Kay products on Ebay and through any other avenue they wish.

    The only way they couldn’t sell them is if they went and had some copies made and this would then be counterfeit Mary Kay products and would be illegal to sell. But for original items there is nothing Mary Kay can do to stop its resell at retail or for pennies on the dollar as is usually the case on Ebay.

    A “budding entrepreneur” can resell any items they wish as long as they are not prescription required pharmaceuticals (which Mary Kay cosmetic products are definitely not) or stolen (which they are not). Anyone selling Mary Kay can use whatever avenues they wish to obtain products unless there is a signed contract stating otherwise which must be signed by both a Mary Kay employee and the salesperson.

    If there is a contract the Mary Kay rep can quit or never start with Mary Kay and buy products from the millions of failed Mary Kay representatives out there and resell them as they wish. This is just like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Ross department stores. They buy goods from other companies that want to unload excess quantities or want cash for other endeavors. Once they pay for the items (from cosmetics to clothing and shoes) they can resell it at any price they want and in any venue they want unless there is a signed contract stating otherwise (which again must be signed by both parties).

    Being that people buying products off Ebay have no signed contract with Mary Kay they are free to dispose of the goods as they see fit. The only recourse Mary Kay could possibly have is if the products were counterfeit or stolen (or if the people were claiming to be Mary Kay reps when they are just resellers – they can sell the items they have purchased, just can’t claim to be something they are not).

    But being that there are, according to the author of the above complaint, “millions” of failed salespeople there is no need for anyone to counterfeit or steal these products as they are in extreme overabundance already.And from just looking on Ebay there are quite a few things of Mary Kay cosmetic products being listed there. As a matter of fact, at the time I am writing this there are over 52,000 various Mary Kay cosmetics products for sale on Ebay!

    I definitely wouldn’t take any business advice from “ashley” or “Stacey” above as they definitely don’t have a clue about the legal world and buyers or consumer rights. I can’t stand disinformation especially when it comes from people vested in the business (Mary Kay reps or employees) that are trying to parlay themselves falsely as a consumer like in “ashley’s” case. This just goes to show you the quality and ethics behind the Mary Kay brand. I am not certain if this translates back to the company itself or if it is just an issue with some rogue representatives. Regardless this would definitely make me think twice about ever joining Mary Kay.

  7. Cassy on October 27, 2010 at 12:08 AM

    Warning! — This comment is from a Mary Kay representative or employee! — Warning!

    if it didnt work out for you MOVE ON, it doesnt mean it wont work for some else, i am glad you cared enough to make a WHOLE WEBSITE based on bashing a product, if it sucked so much why has it been around so many years? why is there so many loyal customers? why is there so many consultants & directors out there? & yeah you are right! you do have to spend money just like in any business you start, to have your own business it takes money to make money and what better way to start when the company takes back the product 90% your not going to find that any where else! & no , you dont have to spend no $3,000 i dont know where your getting your facts from , the cheapest product kit you can buy is $600, so go ahead and keep yapping away, MK is still growing strong regardless of what you have to say! i love my mary kay business & hopefully no one is ignorant enough to believe this. yeah maybe its not for you like i said but you never know untill you try.

    god bless.

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  8. Mr. AntiMK on October 28, 2010 at 5:29 PM

    Okay let me start of by saying, I’m not female. In fact I’m a father and a husband. First of all I want to state for the record that Yes my wife tried and failed miserably! She did everything she could like every MK person should do. We both agreed that we can give it a try. Up to this day she blew $3600+ on products that she is now still giving out for birthdays, xmas presents, and other occasions. I didn’t what to say “I told you so!” but I did.

    Do you know WTF we could have done with that money? Yes exactly. Be realistic here now, in today’s economy. Do you really think people out there should take chances and risks? What customers out there is going to buy from MK when they can’t even put food on the table or make the bills…to what? Make themselves look pretty?

    Bottom line is if you want to go blow away money and take a risk….GO AHEAD! Oh while we’re still on the subject, does anyone wants to buy my wife’s MK products? She still have 100′s left!

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  9. Nicky on October 31, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    There’s no money to be made in this economy with Mary Kay – believe me, I tried and am now trying to recoup my initial investment by selling my Mary Kay products on Ebay. I tried really hard and nobody has the money to buy much of anything.

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  10. Shaci on November 17, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    I LOVE MARY KAY!!! it is the best selling brand and it is really good for your skin! I’m never changing my mind. I am 18 and making money!!! you just have to work!

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