Mattie’s Diner Review and Compliment – Charlotte, NC 1950′s Diner With The Family Atmosphere Franchise Restaurants Can’t Offer!!

Tonight my family and I went out to a local diner here in Charlotte, NC.  The name of the diner is Mattie’s Diner and is located right in the heart of uptown Charlotte.  The owners are two gentlemen named Matt and Steve whose passion and love for the diner is shown in the entire atmosphere.  The diner is a brilliant 1950’s style diner with plenty of uplifting spirit. 

Mattie’s Diner is open Monday (Lunch Only) 11AM-3PM, Tue and Wed 9AM – 9 PM, and is open 24 hours from Thursday until Sunday Night at 9PM.  My family went on a Friday night around 9 p.m. and it was a place to be on a Friday night.  Mattie’s diner has booths and bar seating just like your classic diner experience.  They also have a juke box filled with many classic songs and artists.  

As we were greeted, it felt like I was walking into a family member’s house for dinner.  The waitresses were very personal and friendly to where they were part of your family.  When we received the menu, I needed a lot of time to look over the amazing meals.  One part of a diner that I love is the quality, low price, and portions that they offer. 

The waitress came over and asked us if we wanted to order any appetizers, so we ordered fried pickles.  It sounds really wierd but they were very delicious! As I continued to look over the menu I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with the breakfast side or the dinner side of the menu.  I spotted a dinner entrée specialty called Mattie’s Mom’s Italian Meatloaf.  It was described as a meatloaf stuffed with mozzarella cheese and topped with onion and tomato sauce.  The price was very reasonable at $8.99 and it included the choice of two sides. 

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The sides that were available to choose from were fries, mashed potatoes, brown turkey or sawhill gravy, mac and cheese, cole slaw, green beans, garlic spinach, buttered corn, small tossed salad, or onion rings for an extra dollar.  I couldn’t resist trying the meatloaf especially from an amazing diner.  I chose the mac and cheese and substituted a tossed salad with an Italian salad.    

As soon as I took a bite of the meatloaf, my mouth and taste buds were floating on cloud nine.  It was absolutely amazing and delicious.  The Italian salad was delicious as well with the slices of salami and slices of provolone cheese.  It was an incredible meal that my family was able to enjoy for a very reasonable price.  

The choices of desserts were also incredible.  Mattie’s Diner offers 19 milkshakes that range from pumpkin pie, smores, creamsicle, cake shake, apple pie, to even Pb&j shakes.  The prices for these amazing shakes were $3.79 and were huge!  I had the pumpkin pie shake and it was one of the best things I have ever had.  I wouldn’t think of trying this flavor, but it was absolutely amazing and tasty!!    

Between the family atmosphere, awesome owners, and out of this world food, I would recommend everyone to go to Mattie’s Diner!  They offer amazing entrées that range from breakfast to dinner and can be ordered any time of the day.  If you are looking to get away from the everyday franchise companies, then Mattie’s Diner is the place to be!!!!

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One Response to Mattie’s Diner Review and Compliment – Charlotte, NC 1950′s Diner With The Family Atmosphere Franchise Restaurants Can’t Offer!!

  1. Mark Diamond on October 13, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    I have gone to Mattie’s Diner twice now. The first time I went there I had awesome service and had a great conversation with one of the owners, Matt. He was awesome with my family and made for an awesome dining experience. The first night I had ordered a side Italian salad and it was awesome with the salami and provolone cheese!

    The second time I went back I ordered the side salad again and the other manager who was their was an asshole! He charged me $7 for a salad which I didn’t want. I had ordered a whole meal and just wanted a side Italian salad but he told me they don’t do that. I explained that I was their a couple of nights ago and I ordered the side salad.

    I was then told he was the GM (head owner) of the diner and restated that they don’t do side salads. The only way I will return to this diner is when Matt is working because he knows how to treat his customers!!!

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