Mean Girls 2 movie review – a great movie to help relive those high school years!

Mean Girls 2 movie review

Mean Girls 2 is a great movie to help you relive those high school years and all that drama!

I never saw Mean Girls 1, the original movie with Lindsay Lohan in it. But I heard from a relative that it was a great movie and a must see. I didn’t really think anything of it until I saw Mean Girls 2 available for download on KickAss Torrents. So I downloaded it with my VPN (I wouldn’t ever think of downloading anything without my VPN from TorrentPrivacy) and it was a great movie.

The movie starts off like any typical high school drama movie. There are clicks (nerds, cheerleaders, rich girls, jocks, etc…)and one of these clicks, the plastics (as they are called or referred to as) and their fearless, dictator of a leader, Mandy has taken complete control of the school. She can make nerds do her bidding to hack into the school’s computers and TV system to do anything she wants from changing grades to making someone’s life (like Abby) miserable by broadcasting their mishaps or preorchestrated bloopers (created by Mandy, of course, to the entire school.

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Then there comes Jo. She is not wealthy like Mandy and her friends. Her father can barely make ends meet and is trying to prepare cars for racing. Jo has helped her dad over the years in building motors and getting cars ready to race. She is the typical hot tomboy everyone wants to date to a T. She has an attitude and she doesn’t buckle easily under pressure.

She stands up to Mandy throughout the movie and befriends Abby (mandy’s most hated enemy). Apparently Mandy has always hated Abby since they were kids and this is deep rooted problem. One day Jo is approached by Mandy’s rich father and is bought to be Abby’s friend for the rest of their senior year.

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Throughout the movie Mandy tries to get back at Jo and Abby. It is hilarious at times as somethings blow back up in Mandy’s face. Besides, Jo is much cuter then Mandy. Mandy is just an average looking snobby girl. Then towards the end it is found out that Jo excepted a payment or bribe to be Abby’s friend (due to Mandy, of course – Mandy really is a snotty, little bitch). Jo loses all of her friends and I mean all of them. She is basically disowned by everyone in the entire school.

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Then when it seems things can’t get worse for Jo, Mandy finds a way to spin things around and get Jo expelled by making her get caught for stealing the charity money. It looks really bad for Jo, but then things change. I won’t spell out the rest for those that haven’t seen the movie. It is funny and can really make you get in touch with or even relive some parts of your high school years – even if it has been over 20 years ago, like in my case.

This movie, Mean Girls two had no really well known actors or actresses, but it had a great story and was very interesting to watch from beginning to end. There aren’t many movies like this made any more. It is a must see. And if you don’t want to rent it download it for free like I did from Kickass Torrents and be sure and use a great Virtual Private Network (VPN) like TorrentPrivacy for all your downloading so you can’t get caught.

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