Midland Credit Management collection agency keeps calling me for old debts my boyfriend caused over 12 years ago!

Midland Credit Management collection agency complaint

Midland Credit Management keeps calling me every day for debts that I do not legally owe!

Midland Credit Management is an extremely shady debt collection agency that tries to collect on debts that are time-barred and way past the statute of limitations. Then on top of that they illegally try and collect it from people that don’t owe it or aren’t responsible for it.

In my case, Midland credit management is trying to collect on my ex-boyfriends old debts from over 12 years ago! We haven’t dated or even talk to each other in probably eight or more years. Yet they keep calling me at my new number that my boyfriend and I never used them when I try and tell them the situation and the fact that these debts are over 12 years old and I have not seen him in over eight years – they keep calling back!

I have told them to stop calling here because it is annoying especially since they call at 8:00 or 830 in the morning and then sometimes throughout the day and evening. It doesn’t matter what I tell them even when I told the collection agents at Midland Credit Management that he doesn’t live here and I don’t talk to him, they just keep right on calling.

It’s as if they think that I’m lying to them and that he’s hiding out in my bathtub or something. That is completely not the case here. I do not know were he lives and I have not talked to him in over eight years. I have since gotten married to my wonderful husband, Earl, and we have three wonderful children.

My ex-boyfriend, Mike, and I split up years ago because he was a deadbeat moron. He disliked to read poetry and play with his guitar and never wanted to get a job. I had to pay all the bills for both of us and I got sick and tired of the mooch. But I guess it just doesn’t go away because now I have Midland Credit Management : me on a daily basis asking for my ex-boyfriend Mike.

Isn’t this illegal? There should be some kind of law against this. Collection agencies should not be allowed to abuse innocent people like myself in this manner. If this keeps up I will have to start talking to my friend that’s an attorney and see what she can do to stop this harassment from Midland Credit Management and their crazy collection agency.

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