Midnight Diner Review – Amazing Fried Chicken In Uptown Charlotte North Carolina!

115 E Carson Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28202
(980) 207-3641

I was attending my sister’s graduation tonight from Kaplan College here in Charlotte, NC.  We all were going to eat dinner before the 6:30 graduation, but ran into some complications beforehand.  Therefore we all decided we would all go out to dinner afterwards and celebrate her success.  We all decided to head to the Midnight Diner located near Bank of America Stadium in uptown Charlotte. 

My parents had gone there before but I had never gone there before.  They were raving and raving over their fried chicken.  When I think of fried chicken I think going to KFC, Bo Jangles, or Popeye’s.  I also think of that greasy, crispy chicken that you basically have a heart attack while you eat the chicken. 

When we had pulled into the small side parking lot, just looking at the building structure you knew it was going to be great food.  As you can see below it was a sleek classic silver diner with that amazing diner feeling.  When we walked in the main door it was a crazy place to be at.  The waitresses were going all over the place with food and serving tables.

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You are also able to see the cooks out back going a mile a minute cooking up some damn good food.  We were all seated at a large table around the corner which was perfect to fit our large party.  Our waitress was very nice to us but here is my only complaint.  There were too many tables or too much going on for her to keep a straight state of mind. 

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When we had gotten our food the waitress had first forgotten to get us drink refills and then forgot a couple different parts of the dinners we had ordered.  I was really bothered by it because I was so excited to get my fried chicken.  I had ordered the quarter chicken white and it looked amazing when it came to the table.  When you order the fried chicken they will tell you that it will take a little while which it does, but it is worth every minute waited.

The fried chicken was very juicy, but not a greasy juicy.  It was very fresh and went right along with the freshness they ensure with every meal.  I was told that they cook the fried chicken fresh to order which makes a hell of a difference.  I had gotten cheese fries as one of my sides and I wouldn’t get them again.   Would recommend them if you like cheddar cheese over your fries, but I like a cheese sauce on my fries.

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The second side was mac and cheese and it was pretty good. My meal came with a fresh biscuit as well and it added to the amazingness of the meal.  It was only $8.99 and it was so filling I couldn’t finish it all!  I would recommend everyone to go to the Midnight Diner here in Charlotte, NC and enjoy some amazing Fried Chicken!!  It is very affordable and you get a lot of food for these great prices. 

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