Moldy buns at Hardees on University Blvd. Charlotte, NC

hardees restaurant moldy buns complaint


I happened to send my wife over to Hardees to get some of their burgers for the family.  She came back and when we opened the bags and boxes that the burgers were we saw that the outer parts of the bottoms of the burgers were covered with a furry, black and purply-grey looking substance that was mold.  I was disgusted and so my wife went back to return them to Hardees and to get new burgers.  When she got there she was referred to in the manager tried to inform her that that was not mold that was normal for the burgers.  He tried to explain that that was grease or similar from the meat and that that was what it did to the buns.

I’m sorry but I was not born yesterday and the buns were dry and the substance of the bottoms of the buns was definitely mold.  The manager tried to skirt the issue with my wife and then tried to tell her that he had other customers here to help and was trying to shoo her away.  My wife did not leave and she was not making an unfair or unjust request.  All she wanted was for him to replace the burgers with new fresh ones that did not have moldy buns.  Only after some customer started looking into and possibly getting upset with what was going on did he replace the moldy burgers with fresh ones.

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Apparently it took him 15 minutes to finally give in and give my wife new, fresh burgers that did not have mold on them.  If it weren’t for the other customers there he would e tried to blowy wife off and skirt the issue competely.  That is deftly not good customer service and that does not leave the good taste in my mouth or my mind about Hardees.  This is sad as I did like their burgers.  I will think twice again before I ever stepped foot inside a Hardee’s fast food restaurant.


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