Monro Muffler Brake on Front St. Binghamton NY ripped me off!

Monroe muffler & brake ripoff

Monro Muffler & Brake, "We love to rip off our customers and it shows!"

A while back, I took my car to Monro muffler to have a brake and rotor fixed. Apparently I had bought a used vehicle that the previous owner had bent back the brake indicator on so I didn’t know they needed to have the brakes changed immediately. Normally most sets of brake pads come with an indicator which is this little metal piece that when the brakes get worn past a certain point and need replacement it starts to squeal as it hits the rotor.

Well being that the indicator was bent back the brakes never squealed indicating that they needed to be changed. And I had only just bought this car a few weeks prior. So most people don’t think that when you buy a used car you immediately have to go out and buy brake pads. So one day when I was driving to work and I put on the brakes they made a horrible grinding noise. I knew this wasn’t good and that the brake pads were shot.

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So I saw an ad for Monro muffler brake and service on front Street in Binghamton New York claiming that they had the best service and the lowest prices. So I drove into Monro and told them of the grinding noise my brake was making on the front right side. They took the car in the shop, put up on the lift and then showed me that the right rotor needed to be replaced and it needed new brakepads.

I figure this would be too bad or atleast hoped it wouldn’t be. But they did tell me that it would take a few hours to do so I went next door to the Speedy & Rib Pit to have lunch. I took my time and had a excellent lunch. When I got back to Monro my car was still up in the lift and they hadn’t done into it since I had left there. It turned out they were waiting for a part to be delivered (the rotor) from the local wholesale supplier.

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Finally the parking and they got my car completed and ready and then the manager came over to me to get me to pay the bill. He told me the price was going to be $413. I couldn’t believe my ears – $413 for a rotor andbrake pads for one wheel!  See the problem on the service manager had is I was not a dummy.  I probably had more years experience in the automotive business and field than he had.

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I also had an account at the same automotive wholesale supplier and I called them up to get the price on a rotor for my car.  It turned out the rotor’s price was $16.  Monro muffler had it on their bill at $196.  That is over a 1000% markup!  From the wholesale supplier my price for brake pads which is also Monro’s price or cost was $18 for both front wheels.  And there wasn’t much labor in removing and replacing one rotor and replacing the brake pads – it took them less than 25 minutes as I timed them.

Stay away from this Monro Mufler and Brake – regardless of my complaints and the fact that they were ripping me off they force me to pay the $413!  I will never do business with that store ever again and if I were you I wouldn’t either because they will rip you off just like they did me!  I could see if they charged a little bit of profit on parks they resold by not over 1000% profit! That’s sick!  Stay away from Monro muffler & brake!

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3 Responses to Monro Muffler Brake on Front St. Binghamton NY ripped me off!

  1. Jon on October 16, 2010 at 12:29 PM

    Did you even read your post after you typed it up? You said you were no dummy, but after reading this, I beg to differ. Way to go champ. Oh, and one other thing. You don’t know SHIT about automobiles. If you did, you would know it’s not common practice to change one rotor and brake pads on an axle at a time. I’m not going to explain why since you claim to know so much. And one last thing. Since you are a knowledgeable person when it comes to cars, take the 30-45 minutes yourself after work or on a day off and change the pads and rotors yourself. The only thing I will agree with you on here is that you did get overcharged. When I was working on cars, average cost of a COMPLETE font brake job was around $250.00.

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  2. Daniel Knepshield on January 6, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    How come you know so much about cars, but didn’t know not to go to a chain store to get work done? I bet there are at least a dozen more qualified independent shops in the area that you could have gone to instead. You should know that – being that you have so much experience.

    In addition, even high school girls know you replace both pads at the same time. You never replace just one. Wtf!

    For someone who claims to not be a dummy, you sound like one of the biggest ones I have ever heard of.

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  3. sgs on May 9, 2011 at 8:34 PM

    my wife pulled into a monroe shop and they are a better business rated F. My wife pulled in with mass plates into the kingston store she was her brake was hung up by a frozen caliper that ate deeply into the rotor. She called me and said they wanted 1250.00 to fix this awful mess. I asked her what they were going to do . She said put on 2 new calipers 4 rotors and do all the brakes. My wife was stuck on the highway remember from Ma. I said I will be right down. I saw the rs rotor badly damaged and the caliper frozen. I asked the manager , ok whats next. He takes me to the front and says I need new rotors , I asked are they in spec? Yes the brakes had about 10000 miles left. ok what about the caliper is it frozen , no same story the other side. went to the rear of car and manager said I cant do 1 caliper at a time only come in a set of 2. I said ok no deal cant do the job we will have ti get towed. He then says oh, yes I can I can put a new caliper in. Fine. I came back and he tried to charge me 168.00 for caliper when the set was 180-. I said are you kidding? why didn’t you tell me it was 180.00 for the set? Anyway manager refused to write on slip the rotors were in specifications. I ask why not, I said your a sheister, I said because you would be writing your a liar right.? I did not need 3 new rotors or front brakes or another caliper.Midas in MA My brakes were fine in the front measured the rotors and had no wear. the rear rotor was new last year from midas
    .He wanted to hijack my poor wife. I gave him a piece of my mind. Monroe get rid of this guy

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