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Here are the most popular complaints and reviews for the month of February 2011 here on Some are old steady ones and others are new and moving up for various reasons. Want to see your review or complaint on here? Send it in to us and after a quick review it will get posted and ReportYourComplaint gets noticed fast. We are read by the editors of the leading news publications (the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, USA Today, etc…) Get your opinions heard, make a difference, have a voice – get involved!

1. Crocs shoes – This one has been popular for quite some time. It must be there are either a lot of die-hard Crocs fans out there or because the weather is warming up Crocs shoes are set to make a comeback. I still think they are super comfortable shoes but they are super ugly to look at.

2. AMTC audtions mega scam – This scam has always been popular and it tends to move up through the rankings whenever there is a convention being held in a major city. Apparently their was a convention in Atlanta Georgia from what I can see. You need to avoid this modeling and actor convention as it is a confirmed scam – just read the post and the comments to see for yourself.

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3. U.S. Copyright group lawsuit scam – This one has been around ever since the law firm of Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver has been trying to go after movie pirates with a different approach that hints of extortion. read this post and then be sure and tell us what you think of this matter.

4. Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver – This is the first time that the same issue has placed twice in our top rankings. This is a different complaint then the above one, but it deals with the same issues and how the law firm Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver is no better then the pirates they are going after – extortion is illegal in any context per federal law.

5. Smoke Remedy scam – I knew this one was going to be popular at the start of the year due to New Year’s resolutions and it still is. Does it work? I haven’t personally tried it myself but from everyone I’ve heard of it’s a negative or no go. this is an herbal rarity product that has no actual validation or proof that it works. And according to the FDA it has no more effectiveness than a sugar pill or placebo. It sounds like an expensive scam to me.

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6. TorrentPrivacy VPN for torrent downloading review – if you are thinking of downloading or pirating movies and software you have to remember that we’re now in the year 2011 and the copyright police (law firms like Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver and US Copyright group) are out there and ready to mail you an extortion letter demanding payment of $3,000 or so per incidence. rather than subjecting yourselves to this you need to use a VPN. What is a VPN? It is a Virtual Private Network and it makes it so that the copyright police can’t see you or what you are downloading. The best one out there per our readers is TorrentPrivacy. Be sure and read this post if you want to download movies and software safely and securely over the Internet.

7. Mary Kay cosmetics scam – You just have to read this one. Mary Kay could just be the largest Ponzi scam in American history. all one has to do is look at the numbers and you will see that 99.9999% of all Mary Kay Representatives never make any money and usually end up losing money. Yes there are a few (very, very few) that ever make a little money, but you have better odds of winning the Powerball lottery and it costs less to participate and has a far greater return if you win.

8. New Lite headlight cleaning and restoration kit from – This is one of those automotive products that actually works. Just read the reviews from our readers and contributors. It restores plastic headlight lenses that have become cloudy to clear again. This apparently happens to a lot of cars and can be quite an eyesore. I have now actually used the New Lite kit myself (I bought it after reading this review myself) and it did exactly what it said it would – the headlights on my car now look brand new and prior they were yellow and gritty feeling. Now they look like brand new headlight lenses. I am impressed. This product is cheap and works great. I definitely recommend it.

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9. Sona Med Spa scam – Sona Med Spa apparently offers expensive treatment packages and some of our readers have been having problems with them honoring these packages, going bankrupt and losing their money, not having good results (especially with laser hair treatments), etc… Overall we have received so much negative responses in conjunction with Sona Med Spa that we can only recommend that you do your homework and research them first. I would avoid them altogether as I have yet to hear of one person anywhere that is a real person, and not a company employee making a false review, that had a positive experience and results from any Sona Med Spa.

10. Kick ass torrents website review – If you are into torrents and downloading then I am sure the you have already heard of Kickass Torrents. If not you should probably go and check them out as they are one of the highest rated torrent downloading websites out there. Our readers and contributors can’t say enough positive things about Kickass Torrents.

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