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I just finished tallying the results for the most popular posts and complaints on RYC for the month of June. I also decided to add the top 10 keyword search phrases that people have used in visiting RYC. Many of our readers like to see these and haven requesting this for various reasons. So here they are, enjoy:

Most searched for complaints, raves and reviews:

1. Crazy USPS postal workers.  If you’ve ever wondered why postal workers go postal you need to read this complaint on postal workers, USPS, and using drugs on the job while working for the government.

2. The Pirate Bay and illegal torrent downloading.  If you want free software or are interested in learning about torrent downloading programs and websites or the RIAA and how they no longer have the power they once thought they did,  then you need to read this.

3. Lab Corp. a fortune 500 scam! Since the start of this website, Lab Corp. continues to be one of the most prolific and viral complaints we have seen.  If you’re thinking of getting some blood work or laboratory tests done, then you need to read this as it could easily save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

4. ADT security scam. If you look them up on the Internet you will find that everything about ADT is a scam.  From the way they handle their customers to fraudulent billing practices and more.  This is one company you will definitely want to stay far away from!

5. 5 Star Shine Scam.  This is an unbelievable online scam that involves an automotive paint and sealant product that does not live up to its claims nor does it honor its guarantee.  You can easily see this for yourself by looking up the thousands of complaints online and you can also see the shady and spammy black hat business practices and tactics that the owner uses by spamming forums and other online sites to wrongly rank their website higher and gain more traffic and thusly ripoff more people.  Several of our readers have tried to contact every possible NAVY offical to verify the claims that the U.S. Navy uses this product on their ships.  No one in the Navy could find any records of anyone ever doing business with them.  Hopefully the FTC and other government agencies will start to look into this scam and close it down permanently.  The owner, Glen Canady’s other website GorillaWebsiteMarketing has already been banned by Google and permanently closed down for black hat and fraudulant business practices.

6. MTV Silent Library. A review of an awesomly funny TV game show.  You have to see it to believe it.  Enormously hilarious and funny.  A great show to watch before going to sleep at night or anytime you need a good laugh.

7. University of Phoenix (AKA Phoenix University online). If you are thinking of going to or attending an online university like University of Phoenix, Kaplan or any other similar for-profit school you need to read this first before you become one of the many dissatisfied and broke graduates of their completely worthless programs and degrees!

8. Portfolio Recovery Associates and illegal debt collection practices.  PRA (Potfolio Recovery Associates) is a large debt collection company that is actively traded on the stock market and it is lately known for rampantly abusing numerous laws like the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) in trying to collect on what is called zombie or uncollectable debt.  They have been known to try and collect from people that don’t exist, people that don’t owe money, time-barred and even bankruptcy barred accounts.  Apparently PRA thinks they are big enough that they don’t have to listen to the laws the United States government.  If enough people out there make a big enough stink and make more complaints here and elsewhere they will eventually get fined and sued into oblivion.  So, just like with any other company have an issue with, be sure and post your complaint first here at – our complaints on average get 2,000% more readership and viewing power than any other consumer reporting website!  That’s a fact!

9. Craigslist ending listings and blacklisting accounts and how a consumer got revenge on Craigslist and now lists thousands of ads in every city they want and you can too!.  Craigslist as we all know is a very popular online free classifieds website.  And everybody and anybody that’s a small business or that’s trying to start a website or online business is trying to use them to gain traffic and sales.  Many of these businesses have been hit by craigslist as spammy and then blacklisted.  Craigslist close their accounts and doesn’t allow them to post any more ads.  But one reader here has figured a way around this and now posts thousands of ads daily anywhere and everywhere he wants on Craigslist and has greatly increased his income several times over.  Be sure and read this to find his secrets to success and how he took on Craigslist and won.

10. A to Z guarantee and how buyers are abusing it to get free items at the sellers expense!. has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years to become the largest Internet market place and even surpass eBay in sales and profits.  A part of this was attributed to their A-Z guarantee program and they’re putting buyers before sellers.  This policy does have some backlash and some problems, though.  Like the biggest one of these which is that many buyers have figured out how to abuse the A to Z gurantee program to open numerous accounts and get all the items they could want from free.  Read about it here!

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Most searched for keywords and phrases for the month of June:

1. report your complaint

2. 5 star shine scam

3. Lab corp reviews

4. Northwest pharmacy scam

5. Northwest pharmacy complaints

6. cram101 textbook outlines review

7. 5 star shine review

8. ADT scam

9. cram101 scam

10. ADT security complaints

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