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Okay gang, I just finished tabulating the results and here are the top 10 posts, complaints, reviews and or raves and compliments for the month of July 2010 here on I’ve also included the data on the previous month’s position so you can see who’s moving up, who’s moving down, and who is new to the list.

1. USPS crazy postal workers and employees. (Current rank #1, previous month rank #1)This article is apparently a long-standing favorite with the internet crowd. Numerous websites to include those of communities of postal workers have linked this and found it as a very interesting article to say the least. It does shed some light onto why some postal workers act the way they do.

2. 5 Star Shine scam and review.  (Current rank #2, previous month rank #5)  This complaint written by one of the more active contributors as gained mass appeal worldwide on the Internet as it brings to light a very pervasive scam on the internet involving car paint sealant and the use of fraudulent claims in advertising to mass market the product.  Apparently, as one can easily see this by searching a little on the Internet, profits at any cost are what drives this company 5 star shine and its owner Glenn Canady (whom is also well known for his other website, Gorilla website marketing which was permanently banned from Google for deceptive and unethical business practices along with black hat advertising tactics and other actions not in line with Google’s TOS (Terms of Service)).

3. ADT Home Security Scam.  (Current rank #3, previous month rank #4) ADT security has been around for a long time is a pretty big company as they are traded on the New York stock exchange.  But, like 5 star shine they have also put profits above their relationships with their customers and there is that a lot of shady business practices going on.  ADT has been involved in numerous lawsuits for this and cases are only just starting to surface now.  Many of which involve faulty security systems which ADT could not fix, but yet they kept billing and forcing their contracts even though they were not delivering on what they promised in those contracts – these are torts and involve deceptive and unfair selling and business practices.  Because of this their name has taken a serious hit in their reputation and brand value.  You will probably see in the near future some massive advertising to try and reverse this similar to Toyota and their attempts to use advertising to hide their faulty workmanship and low quality parts.

Been taken advantage of? Want to get even? Leave your own complaints and reviews here on and help others avoid businesses and companies with which you’ve had terrible experiences!

4. Portfolio Recovery Associates, zombie debt collection and deceptive and illegal debt collecting tactics.  (Current rank #4, previous month rank #8) Apparently, Portfolio Recovery Associates (aka PRA) seems to think they are too big to have to follow the FDCPA (Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act).  This act spells out many of the violations that apparently PRA does on a daily basis thinking that no one can get them for these violations.  Or that if they can is only a small slap on the wrist and the profits far outweigh the losses.  This is true until a -action lawsuit results – then the losses can reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars.  If Portfolio Recovery Associates continues on this trend of violating the FDCPA with wanton neglect, there will be several these class-action lawsuits on the nearby horizon which will undoubtedly forever change their questionable and even illegal debt collection tactics.

5. Lab Corporation, medical lab tests and an illegal monopoly that only results in higher charges and lab fees to consumers.  (Current rank #5, previous month rank #3) Lab Corp. knows that they are deeply involved in illegal business practices – they are deeply involved local doctors offices and medical facilities.  They have made deals with doctors and medical facilities so that they are the only testing facility located on-site.  This way consumers are not given the choice of other providers or laboratory facilities and this results in far higher costs to the consumer.  There is antitrust and anti-monopoly legislation and laws that would easily find this behavior highly illegal.  The same was found with pharmacies not too long ago that they could not be located inside a doctors office or medical facility.  Yet Lab Corp. is there doing basically the same thing that pharmacies were prevented from.  You need to read this complaint so you know how to get around lap Corp. and save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars on lab fees.

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6. The Pirate Bay and illegal torrent downloading P2P peer sites.  (Current rank #6, previous month rank #2) Everyone by now has heard of the Pirate Bay in the terms you legal toward downloading.  Millions of people worldwide, not just in the United States, have been going to these toward downloading sites to get free pirated versions of everything from software to movies and music.  Lately, some of the copyright owners have been trying to fight back by suing the individual downloaders and up loaders (aka seeders and leechers in the downloading community).  It will be interesting to see how this plays out especially with recent cases like that of Voltage Pictures and the  Hurtlocker lawsuit.

7. for college students – a review of a great website resource.  (Current rank #7, previous month rank – unrated) If your are in college and want to get a leg up on what professors will give you better grades and easier course loads then you need to check out to  It’s a great resource and can only help college students make better, informed decisions as to what classes to take and with what professors.  They also have past tests, handouts, flash cards, study aids and more and they are all 100% free!  We here at highly recommend this great website resource.

8. Crocs shoe knockoffs at Target and CVS.  (Current rank #8, previous month rank – unrated) Crocs were all the rage a few years ago.  But they are still quite popular and have a cult following kind of like the Snuggies do.  Crocs are ugly shoes for the most part, but they are wildly comfortable and feel great when you wear them.  I have several pairs myself and with the advice of this contributor I too have purchased the knockoffs at Target and CVS.  In my opinion CVS has the best Croc knockoffs for the money.  If you like crocs and want to save some money you need to read this article.

9. MTV Silent Library game show. (Current rank #9, previous month rank #6) Basically, if you haven’t watched MTV’s Silent Library game show then you don’t know what you’re missing.  It is actually hilarious and it would be hard to find something funnier.  I used to think Drew Carey’s comedy show with his friends Whose Line Is It Anyway was the funniest thing on television.  It is really funny, but it doesn’t compare to Silent Library.  Silent Library is much funnier.  If you like funny shows you will probably also like MTV’s Disaster Date.

10. Craigslist and bootlegged copies of Zumba, Insanity and p90-X. (Current rank #10, previous month rank – unrated) as with anything else if something seems too cheap or too good to be true it usually is – and that is definitely the case on craigslist.  In every major city on craigslist there are numerous scam artists out there selling bootlegged copies of Beach Body’s wildly famous workout videos like Zumba, Insanity and p90-x.  The sad thing is that consumers are paying good money for bootlegged copies that rarely work.  Most of these bootlegged copies only contain one or two DVDs that may work.  The rest skip, have grainy pictures and bad sound or don’t even work at all.  The best advice I can give you here is do not buy a bootlegged copy and just about every Zumba, Insanity or p90-x you see advertised on craigslist, Ebay or is an illegal bootlegged copy.

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