Most Popular Reviews and Complaints for March and April 2011!

Here are the top 10 most popular reviews and complaints for the months of March and April on your favorite and most trusted consumer reporting website!

1. The Pirate Bay – The Pirate Bay apparently has come out on top as the most popular review or post on our website for these two months. Even though BTJunkie is at least 5 times the size of the Pirate Bay and is growing faster, there are still a lot of dead set fans that love and cherish one of the original pirating websites. Be careful of viruses and malware on the Pirate Bay as it is chock full of it – and be sure and use a good VPN and avoid the copyright lawyers.

2. Smoke Remedy, lung remedy and Dtox scam – More people than ever are trying to quit smoking and this is a good thing as smoking and tobacco related products cause trillions in health care costs globally now and millions of people are risking their lives by continuing to smoke. Smoking is very bad and highly addictive – believe me I used to smoke and it was very hard to quit, but it takes sheer will power. No scam smoking cesation products like smoke remedy and other herbal products will help you to quit smoking any more then a placebo (sugar pill).

3. Mary Kay Cosmetics scam – More and more people are getting in tune with the idea that Mary Kay cosmetics is a great big Ponzi scheme where only a handful of people at the top (that got in early on) are making any money. Many more women that try Mary Kay lose money then make money. Want proof? Read this article and take the writer’s ideas and go see for yourself – why else would so much (literally millions) of these Mary Kay products be available for pennies on the dollar on Ebay, Craigslist, and elsewhere? Because there are millions of women out there that didn’t make any money and are just trying to get rid of their remaining Mary Kay products for what ever they can recover – the best advice? Avoid Mary Kay and their pushy sales reps. Real friends don’t sell Mary Kay.

4. Crocs shoes and where to get good quality knockoffs at a fraction of the price of the originals – Well, it’s summertime again and that means the world’s most comfortable and ugly shoes will be back out in popularity again. The best news is that you can find great quality knockoffs at a fraction of the price of the originals. Be sure and read this post so you know where to go to save big on Crocs shoes.

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5. The Kirby vacuum cleaner scam – Nothing bothers me more than pushy door-to-door salesman trying to hawk overpriced vacuum cleaners. Generally Kirby vacuum cleaner sales people can be seen frequenting neighborhoods that tend to have a more elderly age group residing there. Kirby vacuum sales people do target the elderly and use sleazy sales tactics to take advantage of them. If you see a Kirby salesperson coming be sure and turn the other way and NEVER EVER let them in your house! Also, if you must buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner go and look them up on Ebay and Amazon first. You can always buy the exact same or better vacuum cleaner for about 1/5th the price that way!

6. Kickass torrents torrent downloading website – Our contributors and readers love Kickass torrents for downloading the latest movies, music and more. Just be warned that the copyright attorneys and their sleazy staff are patrolling these torrent downloading websites daily. Practice safe downloading and use protection – a good VPN is required if you are going to be downloading torrents along with a good antivirus program.

7. PureVPN – Per this contributor the VPN service at PureVPN is the most reliable and has the best download speeds and service. We have only heard good things about PureVPN.

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8. Bootlegged Zumba, p90-x and Insanity on Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist – Per the folks at Beach Body Fitness (the copyright owners, producers and manufacturers of the p90-X and Insanity fitness video series) none of the dvd box sets being offered at cut rate prices on Ebay, Amazon or Craigslist are legitimate copies. They are instead cheap copies from China which rarely work like they are supposed to. I found this out because I bought one of these bootlegged copies of Insanity and more then half of the dvds didn’t work within one week. The guy I bought it from promised me they were the real deal and that he couldn’t do the workout. The dvds worked on his portable player, but within one week 8 of the 13 no longer worked. I called Beach Body and found out they were cheap copies from China. Don’t waste your time buying the cheap ones – buy the real deal right from Beach Body Fitness and you won’t waste your money or have the problems I did.

9. AMTC auditions modeling, acting and singing convention scam – I didn’t know much about AMTC until I saw this complaint. and really I researched them a little and quickly found out that they were a scam. Then in response to this complaint their employees tried to leave false comments praising their company (we have the ability to easily record all isp information from people leaving comments and in this case forwarded that information to the NC state attorney general’s office and the local police) and this was quite obvious as they were almost all coming from the same set of ISP addresses. All I can say is stay far away from anyone trying to charge you $4,000 for a modeling convention and saying it is in God’s name. These people are complete slime and should be jailed and flogged for this. If you hear their radio advertisements change the channel or better yet call up the radio station and tell them AMTC is a scam and that you heard it here at!

10. New Lite headlight restoration kit – This is one product that our readers and contributors just love. I have used it myself now and I can say it works great. It made my headlights look brand new and it has done the same for many of our readers here at – definitely the best product of its kind out there!

So, there you have it – the top 10 reviews and complaints for the months of March and April 2011. Be sure and send in your complaints and reviews – who knows – your post could be on this list next time. And remember to stay away from Mary Kay and Kirby vacuum cleaner sales people!…

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