Most popular reviews and complaints for the months of May and June!

Here are the most popular reviews and complaints here on for the months of May and June 2011.

1. Kickass torrents – This is just one of the most popular download and pirating websites out there. Many of our readers go there to download the latest movies and more. One word of advice from our readers is to make sure that you have a good VPN if you are going to do this so you don’t get caught.

2. Crocs shoes and Croc knockoffs – Crocs shoes are probably the ugliest but most comfortable shoes out there. The price is around $29 for a real pair of Crocs at stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and other stores. The average price for a pair of Crocs knockoffs is around $10. I can see why the knockoffs are so popular. I tried finding a pair myself and the local CVS, Walgreens and even Wal-mart here don’t carry them in adult sizes this year. Does anyone know a good place to get Croc knockoffs? Be sure and post the stores name and location in a comment on this article as everyone is looking for them.

3. AMTC Auditions mega scam for Christ – This scam has been around for quite a few years and used to cost $3,000. But now they increased their prices even higher to somewhere from $5000! This is nothing short of a complete scam so make sure you stay far away from AMTC and anything they are doing. If you don’t think it is a scam be sure and read this very informative post and its related comments – they will for ever change your mind – I guarantee it! It’s a wonder that the state and federal governments haven’t gotten involved yet and closed AMTC down permanently yet!

4. Shell Saver debit gas card – According to our contributors and readers the Shell saver gas card is a great way to save money at the pump. And now with the gas prices averaging anywhere between $3.40 and $4.00 per gallon we all need to save where we can on gas prices. Be sure and read this and then go and get one of these gas saver cards so you can put some cash back in your pocket for something else.

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5. Smoke Remedy scam – As with anything else, economy takes a dip like with the start of the recession, scammers come out of the wood work. Smoke Remedy is no different. It is a blend of natural herbs and spices that according to the label on the bottle are in no way intended to cure or treat any disease or affliction – in other words, it is no more effective than a placebo or sugar pill. It is just an expensive remedy that doesn’t work and will only start you on a monthly billing program which is almost impossible to get cancelled and, according to our readers, it’s even more difficult to get reimbursed – they are a scam and there are many complaints about them on the internet and at local Better Business Bureaus and state attorney generals offices. Stay away from this scam remedy product.

6. TorrentPrivacy VPN – If you’re going to download music, movies and software for free then you need a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) to assure you have complete anonymity. Plus you need a easy to use anonymous bittorrent client. The Torrent Privacy VPN offers both of these for a very low price – definitely something worth checking out if you like pirating music, movies, pictures, software, etc…

7. The Mary Kay cosmetics scam – It’s confirmed – Mary Kay is a big Ponzi scheme where only the handful of reps at the top ever make anything. According to numerous readers and contributors here at over 99% of Mary Kay sales representatives never even break even over their introductory Kit or purchases. Stay away from this program. You can make far more money and with far less stress taking on a part time job like a Wal-Mart greeter or similar.

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8. Kohl’s store return policy – Apparently one of our readers or contributors had a very negative situation or occurrence with Kohl’s when they tried to return some items they bought. This may be a one-time thing or do something out of the blue because my wife purchases stuff at Kohl’s all the time and we never have an issue with returning items. I once returned a pair of sneakers that I wore for a week because I didn’t like the feel. As long as you have your receipt they don’t even question why you are returning an item. My advice here is to make sure you save all receipts and then if you still don’t get satisfaction (store credit or a refund to your credit card) that you call Kohl’s corporate head quarters customer service hot line (1(866) 887-8884).

9. Headlight restoration – If you have cloudy, worn or dirty and ugly looking headlight lenses then according to thousands of our readers you need to read this review and try the New Lite headlight restoration kit. I tried it myself and had fantastic results – it was cheap and worked wonders on my car’s headlight lenses. Give it a try and you will be amazed. Definitely one of the best automotive products we have seen and tried out!

10. PureVPN virtual private network service – Another great option for a VPN for downloading movies and more is the PureVPN service. Nobody offers more locations and ip addresses worldwide then PureVPN. The more the anonymous VPN ip addresses the better your anonymity is. Also, no VPN service offers better and quicker downloading speeds then PureVPN. If you are tired of waiting hours or even days for a movie to download then you need PureVPN. Give it a try, besides they now have a money back guarantee and they also have the best customer service of any VPN we have seen!

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