Mothers headlight restoration kit review – it did nothing for my 2003 VW passat and was a waste of money!

Mothers headlight restoration kit review

I bought the Mothers headlight restoration kit and found it to be a complete waste of time and money!

I have to tell you guys this – I bought the new (it must be new because I hadn’t seen it before) Mothers headlight restoration kit. I bought it because because it said it quickly and safely restores all plastic headlights to crystal new clarity. Well, guess what? It don’t work worth a damn.

I tried this Mothers product on my 2003 VW Passat. The headlights were kind of cloudy or foggy looking and rather ugly I might add. There was a kind of yellowish haze that covered the headlight lenses and was worst at the top. There was an area at the bottom that was still clear and this is what I was hoping the rest of my headlight lenses would look like after treatment with their headlight restoration kit.

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Unfortunately, after spending over an hour and two batteries on my rechargable drill (then I had to go to my plug in DeWalt drill) and all it did was make the bottom part that was already clear a little shinier. That was it. There was absolutely no difference whatsoever in the yellow or cloudy areas that covered most of my headlight lenses – they pretty much looked just as ugly as before.

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I ended up having to hire a professional car detailer that treated my headlight lenses with a series of chemicals and they came crystal clean. He told me the Mothers product was a scam and that they were just out to make a quick buck. That is terrible. Take it from me, the Mothers headlight restoration kit sucks ass and is a complete waste of time and money.

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I will be taking it back for a refund and I am still mad because I wasted over an hour trying to get this product to work. What a waste of time and money the Mothers headlight restoration kit was. I am surprised because I liked the car wax products they offer.

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