Moultrie Game Spy Game camera review – this outdoor camera is great for catching vandals, criminals and mischievious teenagers

Moultrie Game Spy Game camera review

I bought 2 Moultrie Game Spy outdoor game cameras for use at my house and they work great at keeping the criminal elements away.

Nowadays with the current ongoing bad recession and unemployment at an all-time high here in Detroit Michigan is almost a necessity to have some kind of video camera or other similar surveillance protection for your personal property and house. If vandals and robbers know that they are on tape they will most likely leave your house alone.

For $70 I picked up two of these self-contained Moultrie Game Spy D-50 game cameras. They are primarily made for photographing dear and other game for hunters. They use them to figure out what paths they game and animals are using and where their hunting time would be better spent.

but I found another great use for these cameras which is for catching criminals in the act in my neighborhood. I also bought two signs which I put one out front and one out behind my house which state that I have video surveillance on my house. I think that because of the signs and the fact that I really do have these cameras mounted that there is virtually no crime on my end of my street.

This is quite a statement because I live in Detroit Michigan and the neighborhood I’m in is one of the lower class neighborhoods here that has experienced an over 60% foreclosure rate and we have lots of break-ins and lots of crime. just last week they caught a bunch of drug dealers growing marijuana in a boarded up house only about 12 houses away from mine.

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I am sure that if I did not have the signs out and if I did not have these Moultrie Game Spy game cameras mounted in functioning that I’m sure I would have been on the receiving end of some of this vandalism and crime in my neighborhood. These outdoor cameras are worth their weight in gold in my opinion.

I get excellent pictures day or night of anything that occurs up front or behind my house. At night the picture quality goes down as you hit the street and beyond, but anything out front of my house on my property or in my driveway is clear and can easily be seen. I have already used the Moultrie game camera out front to nail two would-be robbers.

We caught them in the act breaking into my wife’s SUV. They fled the scene before the cops couldn’t catch them, but we gave the pictures of the criminals to the police and they were able to quickly apprehend them the next day. In this day and age you need to protect yourself and you need to take some extra steps and for $70 you just can’t beat the effectiveness of these outdoor game cameras.

I bought my Moultrie Game Spy outdoor game cameras from Bass Pro shops. I think it was a great deal and definitely a great investment in my and my family’s protection. It are ready nabbed two criminals in the act and they went to jail where they belong. If you’re looking for some home surveillance equipment and once up and that’s easy to set up and will start catching criminals and vandals right away then you need to check out the Moultrie Game Spy outdoor game cameras at Bass Pro shops.

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