Name Your Own Price Complaint – Alamo Car Rental Wouldn’t Accept My Visa Card Nor Any Of My Bank Account Linked Cards!

I wanted to write to your readers to be able to voice my displeasure of Alamo Rental Cars in conjunction with I like a lot because I have had terrific successes with naming my own price and getting some wonderful deals. In this case, the deal I received on a rental car through Name Your Own Price was superb. But Alamo Car Rental put a screaming halt to this terrific deal and almost to my vacation.

 I had made several offers on over the course of a few days as you cannot make a bid more than once over a 24 hour period. With the help of a $4 per day coupon from Priceline, I was able to have my offer accepted for a 10 day rental. I paid with my Credit Card which states clearly on it, “Visa”. However, I now know that this card is not really a credit card and when buying with Alamo don’t even try and use this card because they will kick you to the curb in a hurry.

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I had my reservation and Priceline had my money from this “credit card” (turns out it is a debit card). All that was left was to pick up the car. I had my daughter drop me to the Charlotte Airportand she went off to school. I had thought this idea would be alright because I paid for the car and only needed to pick it up. The man at the desk bent over backwards to be nice to me at least until we reached the final detail. He asked for the credit card I would be holding a $200 amount on in addition to the amount I paid Priceline already.

Alamo stated this was there policy despite me having paid Priceline for the full 10 days rental. Each of 4 cards I presented him with the “Visa” logo was no good because they were tied to my bank account as a “debit card”. The man suddenly became my worst enemy. He told me I could not rent from Alamo and there was nothing else I could do except to call Priceline and have them refund my money.Alamo did allow me to use their phone as I had no cell phone.

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Another Alamo worker (lady) was extremely helpful to me to get Priceline on the phone and it seemed like I was one of many who had to go through this process losing Alamo a lot of dollars in the process. I asked Priceline to swing my offer to another car rental place and they told me they could not do that. They stated they had a no return policy but under this situation, they would refund my money. What else could I do? So, I went along with the refund.

Now, I am at the Charlotte Airport with no ride to my house some 20 miles away. I went to other rental places to see if I might get a rental from them but the prices were double the price I initially had. A very kind woman in Budget Rental car (a patron) allowed me the use of her cell phone so I could call another family member for a ride home and it looked like I would be staying home and not going on my trip to New York State.

 n our way home, my aunt suggested I attempt to call the Entertainment Book and try and book a car with Enterprise who was located in my town about three miles from my house. The deal I was able to make with them was about $125 more than my original deal and all in all not too bad for the dilemma I was in. These folks atEnterprisewere wonderful. They bent over backwards to get me a full size vehicle and yes, I paid for the rental with the same “Credit Card” I tried to use atAlamo. Must beEnterpriselikes to rent cars.


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One more positive comment I have for my new friends atEnterprise. I had a car rented from them and after loading all our gear for the trip, I discovered the passenger seat could not be adjusted as the bar was broke on it. I spoke with a representative at Enterprise and he quickly moved me to a nice SUV. But this man also helped me in the sweltering heat to load my things from the other vehicle to the new. Not too many people would leave a nice air conditioned office to help me load in the heat. He was in a suit and tie as well and he still did it. I was able to return the car the night I returned after hours in a key box. I called the next morning and the people atEnterprisesaid I all was set. 

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Dear Priceline: Get the Rental Company ALAMO off your list of approved vendors! I am sure I am not the only one who has been in this situation and these people send you to the curb with no option in place to keep your business. You also need to have options for people like me who think they paid in full and because of car rental company policy lose their reservation with no other options. 

I further recommend that car rental places do a better job of pricing on location or offer computer access for patrons to get online to reserve a good price. With today’s technology, this is a huge mistake these companies are making. Take care of the customer just likeEnterprisedid for me.

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