National Cancer Coalition charity review – this is definitely a top rate charity!

National Cancer Coalition charity review

The National Cancer Coalition is a top rated charity and does a great job of putting your donations to help those stricken with cancer and their families!

After having fallen prey to several charities that turned out to be scams and ripoffs in disguise (like the Childhood Leukemia Foundation – which has the lowest rating ever given to a charity by, I decided to do some research prior to donating funds this year. I wanted to make sure that my dollars go to where they will help the sick and needy. One charity that stood out was the National Cancer Coalition.

I personally have had several family members that have died from various forms of cancer. It’s a horrible disease and affects not only those that are sick from it but their family members and friends. It takes a toll on everyone. I know because when one of my relatives recently died from cancer my hair literally turned grey in less than a year’s time from all the stress and frustration that I had been through.

So I wanted to make sure I donated to a good cancer related charity. The previous year I had donated to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation, which I will never do again. I didn’t do last year about that website When I saw how horrible the numbers are for childhood leukemia foundation I was appalled. Almost none of the money donated goes to help those with cancer.

Anyway, so from this year onward I research heavily any and all charities that I will be donating to. I want to make sure my funds go to help those with cancer and their families. So I researched on and a few other sources and websites and found that one of the most promising charities out there was the National Cancer Coalition.

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Unfortunately they don’t take car donations anymore, I don’t know why it just says that on their website. This is because I have a extra car parked out font that I was going to donate to the right charity. As I read more about the National Cancer Coalition it appeared that they were everything the scam charity Childhood Leukemia Foundation claimed to be, but was not. It became blatantly obvious that the Childhood Leukemia Foundation was a complete scam and that the National Cancer Coalition was the real thing.

From helping cancer patients and their families with traveling costs, basic expenses, medical bills, counseling, etc… the list is long and they really do provide a whole lot of benefits and the maximum impact for your donations to help those with cancer and in need. As of right now this is definitely my favorite cancer related charity and ever ready set them a donation and I will most likely send them another bigger one later this year.

I highly recommend the National Cancer Coalition and its great efforts to help those afflicted with cancer and their families. I also recommend that for any donations to charities that you be sure and check out the charity first with websites and resources like I also recommend you stick with four-star charities so that you know that the maximum amount of your donation is going to help those in need.

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    I truly enjoyed your article! It was very informative. Thank you

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