NCO Financial System and illegal debt collection practices and harrassment tactics!

NCO Financial Systems complaint and illegal debt collection practices

NCO FInancial Systems is a debt collection agency that thinks they are above the law!

Like clockwork, today once again I received a phone call where the caller ID stated NCO Financial and it was from 1(616)766-5041. This was NCO Financial Systems calling again on time barred debt illegally. This time they had switched their phone number in an attempt to further harrass my family.

I have read and am aware of my rights as a consumer and in particular the rights afforded me by the fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA). The FDCPA states that if I send a letter demanding that they stop contacting me and my family that they must stop and cease all collection activities on me at that time.

I have sent not one but two letters stating that and telling the idiots at NCO Financial Sevices that the debt is non-collectible and time barred and doesn’t even belong to me in the first place. It amazes me how no matter what you do NCO Financial Systems collection agency will just keep calling and calling.

I have the return receipt requested receipts from the post office proving that I sent these letters demanding they stop contacting me. I have even told them that on the phone. Like clockwork they always say they will call back and they do – every single day!
On top of that this debt is for someone that doesn’t even live here and whom I have no idea who they are!

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They keep calling for this guy named Tim Smith. No one in this house has ever been named that at any point in their life. The amazing thing is that one time when they called I told them, just to find out what was really going on, that I might be Tim Smith. I then found out about this debt and that it was from like 16 years ago. I asked them to send me written proof of the debt (my right under federal laws).

They actually sent it and I had it returned to them as no one named that lives here. Then NCO Financial Systems, figuring that Mr. Smith lived at my house, started leaving messages that fully detailed the debts and that they were going to imprison the debtor if they didn’t return their calls them fast.

No matter what I do these idiots at NCO Financial Systems think they are completely above the law. I found a website today that spurned me to write this complaint. The author had a similar experience with NCO Fiancial Systems:

Something needs to be done about these illegal debt collectors.

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2 Responses to NCO Financial System and illegal debt collection practices and harrassment tactics!

  1. Brett on November 7, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    I had a collection agency like NCO call me and harrass me for years. They were calling for a debt that was way past the statute of limitations so they couldn’t do anything but call. So whenever they called I would pick up the phone and hand it to my 2 year old toddler whom could screech and break glass – he had a ball with the collection agents from that collection agency.

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  2. Dave on February 19, 2011 at 12:25 PM

    NCO is a relentless company and I had one guy SCREAMING at me on the phone. When I asked him if he realized that this was being recorded by his OWN admission, he said “I dont f****** care if it is or not! Your responsible to pay for this and you will!!” I called the company which I owed the money to and told them what happened. I spoke with their credit manager who was shocked and did not believe me until I PLAYED HER MY TAPE RECORDING. I told her that they were breaking federal laws, and that now that you have been made aware of this, you are now involved. They asked me to make an agreement with them, which I did faithfully and paid it off. The caviat to this was I would send no payment until I heard something back as an apology or to have that person fired. I got both.

    NCO in 2008 = the oddest call I’ve ever recieved!

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