Netflix Compliment – Movie Rentals and Television Shows Streamed Through Your Wii, PS3, Xbox360, or Your Computer

I have had Netflix for a few months now and at first I wasn’t really happy with the service.  One of the problems that I had was the time it took for me to get the most movies for my money.  Once I would receive a movie in the mail, I wouldn’t receive another one for at least 4-5 days.  When I received the movies in the mail I would watch that day so I could have it mailed out the next day and it still was a waist of money.

I have the basic package which includes one movie out at a time for $8.99/month.  That means that I was getting 2 movies a week if I was lucky or 7-8 movies a month.  That would mean I was spending about $1.12 -$1.28 per movie which is very reasonable for a movie rental.  In comparison to Redbox, that’s only a few cents more per movie and I don’t even have to leave my house.

The other problem that I hated when I first signed up for Netflix was the price they advertise for the basic package.  They advertise that it only costs $8.99 a month, but in the end with taxes its almost $10.  Talk about false advertising.  I know that $8.99 and little under $10 is pretty close, but in a recession like we are in, every penny counts in the end.

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No that I have had Netflix for a few months now, I believe that they have created a perfect method of watching movies.  I am not talking about the crappy mail in movies, but the movies that are able to be streamed right through Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, or your computer.  I received the Wii Netflix DVD and it is absolutely incredible!  I was able to stream movie after movie without worrying when I needed to get to the mailbox.

This past weekend I believe I watched 5 seasons of my favorite TV shows that I missed in the past like Grays Anatomy, Family Guy, and Dexter.  I was also able to watch a few movies such as Dear John, Benjamin Button, and Full Metal Jacket.  I am not a huge fan of Netflix.  Being able to just turn my TV and Wii on and be able to watch as many movies or TV shows I want is phenomenal!

I once thought that I was getting a good deal buy going to my local Redbox and renting a movie for $1.08 was amazing and cheap.  I now recommend everyone to get Netflix because it is worth the $10 you spend a month.  Although many people say that the movies are old and useless, it is absolutely worth it.  Even if you want to see a favorite like Forest Gump, its all there right at your finger tips.

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