New Lite headlight cleaning kit review – it really did restore my ugly, cloudy headlight lenses to new again!

New Lite headlight cleaner kit review on Toyota Camry

The New Lite headlight cleaner kit from mdwholesale worked wonders, was easy to use and restored my cloudy headlight lenses to new again! Great stuff!

The sun here in Miami Florida is both hot and grueling and it takes a toll on a vehicle’s paint and also it’s headlight lenses apparently. My Toyota Camry was only two years old when the headlight lenses started to get cloudy or milky looking. And once that started it got worse and worse to the point where my headlight lenses looked really ugly. Then I found this website called which offers a headlight restoration kit called New Lite.

But before I get into the headlight restoration kit let me tell you a little bit about my car’s headlight lenses. They got roughed to the touch and they were no longer smooth when you rubbed your fingers over them. And the bottom half of the headlight lenses was actually worse than the top half.

There was this almost like line across the middle of the headlight lenses which differentiated the top from the bottom. The bottom had to be 10 times worse than the top. According to some articles I read at this could be due to acid rain and the typical indicator of it.

They told you in the article how to treat it in her move this condition and restore your headlight lenses to brand-new again with their product New Lite. Now this condition of the headlight lenses was making them look really ugly and I am always very vain about keeping my cars clean, waxed and even vacuuming out the interior and the trunk on a monthly basis.

So having these ugly, cloudy headlights was really detracting from the beauty of my car. Other than that it looked brand-new and then when you look at the headlight lenses and the front of the car it looked like it was much older like maybe 10 years old. This made my car look like the typical car you see parked out front of Wal-Mart that’s been sitting in the sun for 10, 15 or even 20 years – certainly not a 2 to 3 year old car!

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So after reading some very helpful articles on cleaning and restoring headlight lenses I decided to go ahead and purchase the – it wasn’t a bad deal either at only $15! My local Toyota dealer here in Miami Florida wanted over $600 to replace both of the headlight units on my Toyota Camry. That’s crazy and they were only 2 to 3 years old – and they were not covered under the warranty because it’s considered wear and tear.

So that means if I bought a new pair at $600 they could go bad again in another 2 to 3 years because they are the exact same plastic headlight lenses. I figured the folks at MDWholesale seemed very knowledgeable of all the automotive how-to tips and information on their website (there must have been in excess of 350 educational automotive articles on their site all of which are definitely worth checking out) soI went ahead and purchased their headlight cleaning kit and received it in about a week or so.

The kit came with easy-to-follow instructions and it had three solutions to use for cleaning and restoring the headlight lenses.  I figured I’d try one lens first and then see how it worked before I tried it on the other headlight lens.  It didn’t take long and when I was done with the left headlight lens on my Toyota Camry it looked like it was actually brand-new when I first bought the car!  It was shiny, 100% clear and look great!  So I did the same treatment on the right headlight lens and had the exact same results! 

When I was done I stood back and looked at my car and it looked the way it should have because I take such good care of it.  I didn’t know that by leaving my car out at the airport in the hot sun all the time because I do a traveling that the sun would have such an effect on my headlight lenses.  Well, anyway, when I was done I actually had enough left of the headlight cleaning solutions to treat the headlights on my fiance’s Honda Accord. 

Her headlight lenses weren’t any where’s near as bad as the ones originally on my Toyota Camry, but they look like they were starting to get a little bit cloudy.  So in the same afternoon I also treated her car’s headlight lenses and they looked good as new when I was done with them.  I was impressed!  For $15 I was able to fully restore both sets of headlight lenses on our vehicles to brand-new and I didn’t have to spend $600 or so at my local Toyota car dealer for new headlight lenses like they had recommended.  I definitely have to recommend the New Lite and their website at – it is absolutely the best automotive product I have bought in a long time!

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