Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage Spray – Amazing First Aid Tool That Works Very Well

Amazing No Sting Liquid Bandage

Today I had sliced my hand at work and had to have it taken care of by our aquatics department.  As they were checking out how deep it was, they concluded that I didn’t need to get any stiches due to the fact that it was at an angle.  I was very lucky that I didn’t slice it straight down because I very well would had struck a tendon, nerves, or fat content.

When they were all done discussing what was best to do, they decided to clean the slice and then they needed to use something to keep the slice close.  They then had in the first aid kit Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage Spray.  I was worried at first with the “No Sting” part because a lot of products claim that they don’t sting and they end up feeling hell!

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They sprayed the slice with this spray and it didn’t sting at all.  It was quick, easy, and worked very well.  It was a small bottle (.61fl oz) but it says that it sprays over 60 applications.  I decided to go to Rite Aid today and bought some to have around in my house.

The reasons why I am so impressed with Nexcare Liquid Bandage is the main factor of “no sting”.  I also love how it can be used for large areas due to being a spray.  It also is alcohol free and soothes the area instead of burning the area from chemicals.  You also are able to apply multiple layers to assure that you have completely put a cover on the affected area.

When I went out to the stores to locate the Nexcare Liquid Bandage, I had a little trouble finding it.  I first started out at Wal-Mart to because I had to pick up a couple other items.  They only had one kind of liquid bandage, but it wasn’t Nexcare.  I then had gone to Walgreens and they didn’t carry it either.  Then I had gone to Nexcare’s website and located stores that carried the Nexcare brand.

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I had seen that Rite Aid was a carrier of the Nexcare products so I took a short drive there.  I had gotten down the first aid isle and I saw where the Nexcare Liquid Bandage would be and they were all out.  I was really upset because I had gone to 3 stores, but luckily there is another Rite Aid about 3 minutes down the road going the opposite direction.  I was lucky to locate it there but was lucky to get the last bottle on the shelf!

I would highly recommend buying Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage for your household because you never know when you are going to need it.  If you have a child and they scrape their knee playing outside, then this is the perfect solution instead of a regular band aid.  This way you won’t have to worry about a band aid falling off, but rather watching your child have fun outside.


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