Occupy Wall Street Protests and New York police brutality – join us in NYC so we can put a stop to this!

These bastard NYC pig cops are beating up and hurting defenseless American citizens and women – IF YOU HAVE ANY PRIDE IN YOUR COUNTRY AND SERVICE GET DOWN THERE NOW AND HELP STOP THIS!

This is a call out to the staff and readers of ReportYourComplaint.com – I need to get this heard. Please publish this on your website. American citizens rights are being trampled and we need your help to get the word out.

If you have been paying attention to the news there is a protest that has swarmed Wall Street and spread across the nation and even the globe (can we say leading sign of a depression?) The news media has been told to down play this and Obama (I can’t say president because with his illegal or faked birth certificate he really does not qualify to be president), seeing that his hopes for reelection are between nil and zero is working to take advantage of the protesters.

But what really gets my goat is the New York City police bastards – that’s right – bastards. They are out their weapons in hand and are literally beating up and pulverizing unarmed American citizens. There are even pictures on the internet of a black NYC motorcycle cop running over a defenseless white man – what the fuck is up with that? What the hell is this world coming to? This could be a peaceful protest in NYC but the police (it’s all on tape – just look it up on YouTube or any reliable news website – better yet just search for NY police brutality wall street on Google).

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The police were actually throwing punches wildly and blindly at any and all protesters in their way. I think they are in for a serious problem. American citizens like myself would not stand for this kind of abuse. I even saw one video where a police captain or higher was beating on a defenseless woman caught at the front of this protest. He was beating on a defenseless woman. He was wildly hitting her, grabbing her and hurting her. It was a defenseless woman! Let me tell you something – if I were there that cop wouldn’t be walking around or shoving anyone anymore. I would have cracked him across the head with my elbow and he would be in the hospital for an extended or permanent stay.

I hate corrupt and bastard cops like those in New York city. They have a job – to protect American citizens. There job and duty is not to protect the fat cats on Wall street whom pay them extra for protection. That should be illegal. Their primary obligation is to citizens like that defenseless woman that was clearly caught in the middle and wasn’t harming anyone. All she was doing was voicing her opinion and I fought hard and got shot and wounded numerous times in several skirmishes and battles for her and every other American’s right to voice their opinions.

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Apparently the bastard New York city police want to play. No problem. I am sending a shout out to all of my fellow armed forces veterans, Arian Nation brothers, etc… These cop bastards in New York city are beating up defenseless protesters, American citizens and defenseless women. They are taking away our American rights and stomping on our constitution that we fought and bleed for. Get yourselves together en-mass and head to New York City – now!

If these bastard, pig cops want to play then lets play, but on equal terms them against us. Not them bastard cops against defenseless citizens and women. If they want to battle lets give them the battle of their lives. All of us veterans that have been screwed over by the government that we got shot and sometimes even maimed or killed for need to take a stand here. We need to stand up for our country and our God given rights.

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We need to take control of this Wall Street protest thing and drive these bastard cops right on home where they belong. I would like to see what these bastard cops would do if all us veterans, arian nation brothers, and all our friends showed up. You can call us names (skinhead, punk, race haters, red neck, freak, etc… You can lie and so on, but you can’t beat up defenseless Americans and women and think we will just sit idly and watch.

That is the last straw. I am coming to NYC and am gathering up my brothers. Any veterans, Arian Nation brothers, etc… out there please don’t hesitate to get involved and come and join us. Come hot and heavy (the police are armed and are beating up defenseless Americans and women) and will not hesitate to use their weapons on us or anyone.

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Again – this is a call out to all veterans that fought hard for our country. All my Arian Nation brothers and fellow groups we need to act and take back America. We can do this if we show up in a powerful showing. These NYPD bastard cops will be forced to back down or leave their posts and quit their jobs. I am sick and tired of police brutality on American citizens and it is time to put an end to it. Lets show these bastard cops from NYC that we, American citizens, that fought and bled for this country will not stand for their police brutality and stomping on or taking away our rights.

Lets show up en mass and as an impenetrable army. If we all go there is no way the police can stand up to all of us. They want to play. They want to hurt and beat up defenseless Americans. They want to take away white people’s rights. Let’s give them what they are asking for… Join us down there in NYC and let’s kick some ass! We need to band together and take back what’s right. We need to stand up for our rights and take back our country!

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One Response to Occupy Wall Street Protests and New York police brutality – join us in NYC so we can put a stop to this!

  1. Expsing Socialist Lies
    October 21, 2011 at 2:24 PM

    This is communist sabotage of freedom and the capitalist system. Crony capitalism is evil (bailouts,etc), but this is nothing but class warfare loving pinkos trying to steal from others legally.

    Freedom Loving Patriot

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