Papa John’s Pizza – A honest review!

Papa Johns pizza review

In the past I’ve bought a lot of different pizzas. Some of these were great like Rossi’s Pizza in Endicott New York (it would be very hard to compete with that one as they make some of the best pizzas you will find anywhere in the United States – people actually fly in from all over the country to get pizza from there) and others like Little Ceasars and CiCi’s Pizza (which is probably the worst and greasiest pizza you will find – just look it up on the Internet under bad pizza and you will find Cici’s pizza so I’m not the only one that thinks that Cici’s pizza is terrible) suck.

Well anyway, I’ve recently ordered a lot of pizza from Papa John’s. This is due to the fact that I like it and that they give me a big student discount. I am a local college student and Papa John’s has this deal that basically gives you a half off on all orders for college students. That’s damn good. The other day I had some friends over and so I ordered five large pizzas loaded with toppings and this would have normally come to $75, but with the college student discount it was right around $38 and change. Now I didn’t have it delivered. I picked it up as it is only one block away. So it probably would’ve been more obviously if I had had it delivered. But that would’ve added to the price anyway regardless of the discount.

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Anyway, the pizza tasted very good. It’s definitely a sweeter crust is to use some amount of sugar in the making of the crust and dough. But it is definitely 100% better than either the old or new Domino’s pizza. I’ve tried both and the Papa John’s pizza is just much better. No, Papa John’s pizza is not as good as Rossi’s pizza in Endicott New York, but then Rossi’s is in a class all by itself. Back to Papa John’s pizza, it has plenty of cheese and toppings (unlike dominoes which kind of shortcuts in this area). And it is full of flavor.

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Papa John’s is a solid good pizza.  It’s filling but not greasy (unlike Cici’s pizza which is so greasy it just drips everywhere – I can’t imagine Cici’s pizza being any where near healthy in the slightest).  Papa John’s pizza is great with beer or soda and it’s not too spicy or hot.  Regardless of worry or in the country is probably a Papa John’s pizza store near you.  So it’s easy to eat and obtain that have good customer service and especially if you are a college student their prices are great!  And next time you have a sports or Super Bowl party or cookout it wouldn’t hurt to have some Papa John’s pizza delivered – everyone will like it.

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One Response to Papa John’s Pizza – A honest review!

  1. Harry A. Hole on September 30, 2011 at 1:13 PM

    Papa Johns was the worst pizza I’ve ever had. After being told it would be an hour (on a weeknight)I picked one up, drove around the corner to my house, opened the box and it looked as if chimpanzees threw this thing together. I live alone so I ate right out of the box with a knife and fork. I would go to Costco before buying another PJs pizza. The aforementioned PJs is now out of business so the point is moot anyway. I go to the mom and pop places. It costs a little more, but it’s worth it.

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