President Obama, ACORN and how they cheated to win the presidency and took my vote without my permission!

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ACORN – massive voter fraud on a level never before seen. They did whatever it took cheating wise to make Barack Obama President!

Fortunately now, ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), is basically gone as donors have fled the organization after they got caught in numerous scandals – especially after the hooker and mortgage fiasco that was all over the TV. But when President Obama was then Senator Obama they were rampant and everywhere. They were doing whatever it took from using the identities of dead people to employing hordes of volunteers with stacks of paper an inch or more thick loaded with the information of those that had not voted yet and told to go and vote for them illegally.

These volunteers from ACORN then went to every voting center and voted repetitively for every single person had not voted. How do I know this? I saw it with my own two eyes. While I was waiting in line to vote I saw directly in front of me and behind me people with these huge stacks of paper in their clipboards. I glanced at the ones directly in front of me and the ones behind me and they were loaded with names and addresses of voters. Then what I saw blew me away.

The man in front of me when it was his turn to vote put his finger down the list he had on his clipboard to the next name that was not crossed off and told the lady his name. She told him that he had already voted and remarkably he was okay with that, excused himself, crossed that name off of his list on his clipboard and he got back into the line at the end again. It was obvious what he was doing and no one at the voting place checked for his driver’s license or kept track of what he was doing or even cared for that matter.

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Now, what really got me mad, was that when it was my turn to vote I was told the exact same line the ACORN volunteer before was – that I had already voted. I had not voted. The lady at the voting place told me I had and had my name and showed me that I had already voted. I asked to speak to her supervisor because I know I had not voted. He backed her up and stated that I had already voted and they could not let me vote again because it’s against the rules and policy.

I then pointed out the ACORN volunteer that was previously in front of me and was now in the back of the line and I told the supervisor of what he was doing and how he was voting for people illegally and his clipboard and huge list of names of those that hadn’t voted. And that this must have been how I had already voted when I hadn’t voted yet. The supervisor got mad and started walking towards the guy with the clipboard at the end of the line. Upon seeing what was going on the guy at the end of line (the ACORN volunteer) took off running for his car and left. Amazingly, at the same time at least 15 people in the line with the exact same type of clipboards full of pages with names of those that had not voted yet all dispersed for the parking lot.

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They had gotten caught but took off before anyone could do anything about it. I wonder how many people just in that one voting center had been voted for illegally. It was probably in the thousands just from that one voting center. Now if you were to multiply that out by how many voting centers ACORN and Obama (I have to include Obama here because there is no way an operation that large and that vast could have gone unnoticed by anyone with half a brain) had their people at you will start to visualize and see how an entire presidential election was thrown or basically stolen.

This is a kin to Ben Johnson and how he almost stole the Olympic gold by using steroids and cheating prior to being caught. The penalty for Ben Johnson for cheating on a much smaller scale is that he is permanently banned from many major competitions and he has had his awards revoked and was publicly ridiculed in the press. Now, President Obama (then Senator Obama) cheated on a far more massive scale to the tune of millions of votes. This was done to ensure that he won the presidency.

Now I’m not going to single out Obama because George Bush also cheated with the votes in his presidency.  Al Gore clearly won, but President Bush had his brother Jeb make sure that the votes in Florida got screwed up in such a way that he won anyway.  Al Gore sued, but then pressure was brought as usually is the case by President Bush and his wealthy family (remember his wife killed a man when she was 16 and she wasn’t even charged with anything – anyone else would have been charged at least with manslaughter) and there may have been a settlement of sorts made (most likely there was) to the Gore family and this resulted in Al Gore dropping his case and accepting President Bush as president when Al Gore clearly won.  That’s just how it is in America.

Cheating is rampant in politics.  The only difference here is is that nobody ever cheated on such a grand scale as Obama and ACORN did.  And if you want to see further proof of Obama’s lies just look at the fact that he can’t even provide a authentic and valid birth certificate for where he was born.  Obama claimed he was born in Hawaii when in fact most people know that he was clearly born outside of the United States.  The Israeli prime minister Netanyahu stated, when questioned about what he thought of the new president in the United States, that he had both him (Obama) and the United States in the palm of his hand.  One of the main reasons behind this is the fact that he had the Mossad (Israels version of the CIA, but far more effective and dangerous) dig up all the dirt on Obama which includes the real birth certificates for where he was born (which is not inside any of the 50 US states which is a legal requirement for one to become president of the United States). 

Do you think Obama could have become president without Acorn? Not in a million years.

This little piece of information including the actual birth certificate which he holds in his possession guarantees virtually that Pres. Obama cannot do anything at all against Israel’s wishes, policy or desires.  He can say all he wants, but if Netanyahu gets mad for any reason all he has to do is release that information to the press and Obama is immediately impeached and removed.  That is why Netanyahu has both Pres. Obama and the United States in the palm of his hand. 

In any case, it’s clearly 100% obvious that the man cheated to become president.  I was cheated out of my vote and so were thousands and most likely even millions of others.  I am glad ACORN is now for all practical purposes defunct and gone.  But those that were involved are all still around and you need to pay particular attention to what goes on come voting day.  President Obama’s already shown that he will not hesitate to cheat to win the presidency.  It’ll be interesting to see if he cheats again for his upcoming reelection.  The best protection against this form of cheating is for everyone to be made aware of what has gone on and what could and probably will happen.  If everyone is aware of people with clipboards with big lists of names of those who did not vote yet and similar and they speak up when they see things like I did these people will get caught and the cheating will stop.

If Pres. Obama had honestly won this election without any cheating on his behalf I would stand behind him, but since he couldn’t do that and had to cheat on a massive scale never before seen, I can’t wait for him to be ousted and his good luck will not last forever.  As it says in the Bible, regardless of what version you read or believe in – God is the ultimate vindicator.  So instead of worrying about what kind of punishment someone will receive or  when, just understand the fact that God will take care of it and no one gets away with any form of cheating especially the massive scale on which Obama and ACORN operated on.  He may be thinking he got away with it for now, but someday soon God will take care of him too and unfortunately for Obama, God’s punishment tends to be much, much worse than man’s.

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One Response to President Obama, ACORN and how they cheated to win the presidency and took my vote without my permission!

  1. pirrelli on September 20, 2010 at 2:31 PM

    obama is a cheating piece of shit that is straight ruining our country with his fake ass.
    im a student in North California and i have hated obama since i first saw him running. He is a load of shit and a liar.

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