Psychic Fifi Miami FL psychic review – very long wait and then her readings were way too vague – not a good psychic.

Psychic Fifi Miami FL psychic review

My sisters and I went to psychic Fifi and found she was not a good psychic and gave extremely vague and meaningless readings.

I had recently had a family tragedy. My father passed away and my sisters and I knew he had put away money in a container and hidden it in the house. He didn’t trust banks nor did he trust the nurses or caretakers and his it so they couldn’t find it. This money was to pay for any funeral expenses that were incurred when he eventually would pass on. My father was the type of person that would leave no debts to his loved ones ever.

My sisters and I searched the house upside down could not find the money that he had put away. We knew it wasn’t stolen and it was here somewhere. So we saw a psychic reality tv show on TV where a psychic solved a case similar to ours and we decided to enlist a local psychic to try and do the same for us. We ended up calling Psychic Fifi here in Miami Florida.

Psychic Fifi – The Oracle
3112 Commodore Plaza
Miami, FL 33133-5847
(305) 774-5901
(305) 299-5299

We made an appointment with her and told her what we were trying to accomplish. We needed to find our father’s money to pay for the funeral expenses and other medical costs related to his departure. When we got there we found that psychic Fifi was out and would be back shortly and so we waited and waited and waited and waited. Finally about two hours later or so she was ready to see us.

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The only reason we waited so long without leaving was the fact that we needed this money terribly to pay for medical costs and the funeral expenses for my father. If it weren’t for this fact there’s no way on earth we would have waited almost 2 hours for her to show up. That’s just downright rude and terrible customer service. if she had to go out or do something she should have done that around our appointment and not during it.

Then came the reading and her so-called revelations. She couldn’t pin down anything in the house. Then she told us a bunch of vague ideas and basically a bunch of useless information. A good psychic should have been able to at least honed in on one area to house that would’ve ended up being correct. she couldn’t even do that.

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She ended up telling us it could be a closet. Then under a bed. Then up in the attic. Then in the basement. These were all areas that we checked thoroughly. That was it and she said that was all she could do. We still had to pay her a ridiculously vague and meaningless findings or revelations.

As it turned out one of my sisters had a friend visiting that was a psychic from out of town and she promised to come over to our house and help us for free. she tuned in to her spirits or spirit world and quickly when the direction of the kitchen and then she pointed to the cabinet next to the microwave. She mentioned that there was a false compartment or hidden compartment that she was seeing in her vision and that she was led by her spirit guide directly to this area.

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We felt around and found that the back of the cabinet was a little loose. I had my husband take a look at it and he removed the back panel and found a silver toolbox. I knew this toolbox because I had seen it many times with my father. It was old and he used it to carry his tools and fix things in the house. My husband took down the toolbox and opened it up. It was filled with paper money in all sorts of denominations. There were bundles of $5 bills, $10 bills and even $20 bills. The toolbox was filled with this money.

We later counted it and found more than enough to pay the bills and funeral costs. I knew I was right that my father would never leave us with any debt that he incurred – he was a great man and there was enough left over that we started a college fund for the grandchildren.

So, from my experience here there are good and knowledgeable psychics out there, just not psychic Fifi. She arrives ridiculously late and made us wait two hours for an appointment we made several days before hand and then she didn’t even come close in her reading to finding anything. I don’t think she could’ve found the broadside of a barn if she tried. I do not recommend psychic FiFi at all.

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