Punchy’s Diner Review – 1950′s Diner In Concord North Carolina With Awesome Atmosphere

590 Concord Pkwy N
Concord, NC 28027
(704) 786-2222

This past week my family and I were looking for a diner that would be neat to go to here in Charlotte Noth Carolina.  We have been to the many diners located all around Charlotte, but we haven’t found one that we have 100% loved.  We searched on Google for local diners and we had come up with Punchy’s Diner.

Although it wasn’t right in Charlotte, it was located in Concord which was still close to us.  We had read a couple reviews but there wasn’t much written on the diner.  We decided to still head there and see how the place was from a first person perspective.  When we had arrived to Punchy’s Diner, there was an awesome display of old fashion cars.  It was neat because my little 2 year old nephew was there and highly amused by the cars.

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When we had walked in there wasn’t a lot of people inside since it was around 8 pm, but we were able to have our own “room” since we were a party of 9 people.  It was really nice to be able to have an area where it was private and personal to be able to talk or act how we wanted.  As we were seated at our table we were greeted by our waitress, which you could tell was new.

She was a little hesitant on some knowledge questions about some meals but was very friendly beyond the least.  We were very hungry so we imedietly ordered fried pickles because we love deep fried pickles! They didn’t take long at all before they were brought to the table.  I first dove in and grabbed some fried pickles to put on my plate and took a bite.  It was way too salty to handle!!!  They were like someone had grabbed the salt shaker and poured salt all over them and then you ate them.  They were horrible tasting!

I didn’t complain because I didn’t want to start any kind of fuss at all.  When our waitress came and took our order I had ordered the cheesy chicken plate.  It really sounded delicious so I ordered it and hoped for the best.  It was a piece of chicken with a nice piece of ham on top while smothered in provolone cheese.  It was absolutely delicious tasting!!

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It was all worth the disgusting taste of the fried pickles and I would recommend anyone ordering this plate.  It came with 2 side choices and the choice of cornbread or a roll.  I had chose potato salad and the potato wedges, which I know are 2 starches.  The potato salad was not what I amn used to even though it was home made.  It had carrots in it and it was just not the best potatoe salad I have had.  The potato wedges were good though and the entire meal was filling.

I enjoyed to atmosphere the most at Punchy’s Diner due to all the old fashion car displays and memorabilia on the walls.  It was a nice feel and was welcoming to my family.  I would recommend punchy’s because of its atmosphere, friendly customer service, and low prices.

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