PureVPN VPN service review – PureVPN is hands down the best and most reliable VPN service out there!

June 22, 2011


PureVPN VPN service review

I use PureVPN and it is clearly the best VPN out there for anonymity and speed – and clearly the best VPN for downloading torrents!

I like to download movies, music and software for free. Nowadays with all the scumbag attorneys out there threatening lawsuits and extorting people for thousands of dollars for downloading stuff over the internet it is very, very important to remain anonymous and not get caught.

So how does one download software, movies and more in a safe manner that doesn’t take a computer geek to understand? What can the common person use to download stuff safely? A great VPN (Virtual Private Network) service and I have used several and finally ended up with the best – PureVPN. Many other services promise complete anonymity and good downloading speeds, but none come anywhere near PureVPN.

With PureVPN I chose their unlimited downloading option which is a little more then their standard shared plan, but for only $18 per month I get unlimited downloading and access to many different ip addresses worldwide. I am completely anonymous when I use their VPN service and I can download anything I want and absolutely no one knows I even exist.

I can check the logs on the various torrent downloading programs like Bittorrent and my ip address is not there. No one knows I am downloading anything and so I cannot get caught downloading the latest movies, software (like Windows 7, Microsoft office, Dragon Natural Speaking, etc…), music (like the Rolling Stones greatest hits, Metallica, Led Zepellin’s Stairway to Heaven, etc…). I can even download the latest issues of Playboy and other adult magazines for free.

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PureVPN was without a doubt the easiest VPN service set up on my computer. Within minutes of joining I was up and running and completely anonymous. I have literally saved thousands of dollars by downloading everything and anything I could want with this VPN service.

I have used several other VPN services and found that most would cut back your download speeds seriously impacting your ability to use the service to download anything of substance – it wasn’t uncommon for a movie to take a week or two to download with some other vpn services. They would give you fast downloads for the first day or so and then throttle you back to snail speed.

And the customer service at most of the other vpns totally sucks and they don’t return emails. At PureVPN I can contact them at anytime and they are very quick to get back to me. Also, at PureVPN there is never any throttling of my downloading speeds. So, whereas with other vpns I was getting extremely slow download speeds and significantly long download times, with PureVPN I can download a full HD movie in half an hour or less!

If you want to download stuff like movie torrents, music and more for free then you need to do it safely and you will need a great VPN service like PureVPN. Take it from me – I am a serious downloader and I download a lot of torrents and I highly, highly recommend PureVPN!

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PureVPN service signup

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