Real Kill Ant and Roach bug spray review

Real Kill Ant and Roach bug spray – this stuff really works great!

I had some fire ants building nests around my house and some carpenter ants that would come into my house and setup shop. We could see a few ants scurry across the kitchen floor and every once in a while across the counters. I can’t stand these insects and some of the other bugs we get here – we are backed up to a small nature preserve and so we get all kinds of stuff around here constantly.

We get snakes (lost of baby snakes in the spring), rodents and lots and lots of insects, spiders (brown and black widows, brown recluse and hobo spiders – all of which are poisonous and nasty – especially the brown recluse and brown widows), flies (I especially hate the biting ones), mosquitos, etc… So, obviously we have electric mosquito traps, but I bought this bug killer spray the other day at the store that was less then half the price of the other name brand ones.

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It was called Real Kill ant & roach insecticide spray. It said it was for ants and roaches, but that it also works on spiders (this is important as we get lots of them here), scorpions (don’t get them here), and many more bugs. So I bought it and gave it a try.
The stuff works great and inside the house it kept killing bugs in areas where I sprayed like along bottoms of doors and cabinets and in the garage for several weeks.

The can said it keeps on killing for up to six weeks. It didn’t last that long, but it still worked great. It killed even the biggest spiders pretty quick. They would shrivel up into a little ball and then die. It also works great on cockroaches. I buy and sell foreclosure properties and am always running into cockroaches in these homes.

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Here is a picture of the bottle of Real Kill ant and roach killing spray I just used to kill some black and brown widow spiders.

This Real Kill spray works great on every bug I have tried it on and it lasts a long time. And at the price of $2 or so it is a great deal. I usually buy 2 or 3 cans of it now at a time as I am always using them either around my house or especially at foreclosed properties. I was at one last week where there must have been over a thousand cockroaches under the refrigerator and stove areas in the kitchen. They were coming out in droves. It was an infestation.

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I had never seen so many cockroaches in my life. I wonder sometimes how people can live like that with cockroaches everywhere. Well, anyway, I took out a can of the Real Kill ant and roach spray and it made quick work of them. Some struggled for a little while, but they all died within a few minutes. The real Kill ant and roach spray is the best bug and insect killing spray at that price. Besides it works far better then Orkin and other expensive pest control services.

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