Recession part two – is the economy back in a recession again?

Recession part two - is the economy back in a recession again?

Is the recession back on and are we in a double dip recession?

Obama and others in Washington don’t want to tell you the truth. The truth is that the US and global economies are hurting very bad and that we have most likely dipped back down into a recession (double dip recession). This recession could be every bit as bad or even worse then the previous recession that was deemed over in 2009.

There are still a lot of problems in European countries and in the US. We are spending far more than we earn. We expect too many government subsidies and entitlements. We have millions of lazy people sucking our system dry through welfare and similar services. Millions on social security that shouldn’t be (I myself know of several people that are receiving social security and disability that shouldn’t be – one is receiving it for several people (one of which has been dead for quite some time) – I gave their info to the social security administration and they don’t care.

According to the responses I have received from the employees at the Social Security Administration they like fraud. They stated that they don’t have the time or money to look into cases and as long as a doctor says they are disabled they don’t care if they are in MMA, playing football, surfing, etc… And it is all on the taxpayers dime.

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And what about all the people selling their food stamps at Wal-Marts across the country for cash? Why do they need the cash instead of the food stamps? Because you can’t purchase drugs and alcohol with food stamps. Drug dealers and liquor stores want cash. Seriously, almost every time I venture over to the super Wal-Mart near me I see slimeballs selling their foodstamps.

They will come up to you at the cash register and ask if they can pay for your groceries with their food stamps and then you reimburse them with cash. That is fraud – but the folks at welfare don’t seem to care. They know it is going on at Wal-Mart and other groery stores all across America. They just don’t care to put forth any effort to stop it.

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Since 2001 I have reported over 21 people for knowingly abusing social security and disability and not one of these people was ever investigated or even looked into. This is part of the reason this recession is going on. There is way too much fraud and abuse of the system.

From mismanaged welfare and social security to billions and even trillions of dollars misspent by our defense and military, it is all going to come back to haunt us. The government is spending trillions of dollars under our noses and without our approval to build underground bases like the one under the new Denver airport. Some of this money came from the 2.3 trillion that Dick Cheney reported they “lost” right before the plane hit that certain area of the Pentagon that contained all the servers with the details. Once those servers went up in smoke the matter was a non-issue.

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The facts are that a good portion of that unaccountable money went into government bases and similar designed to protect only the top brass and rich in the event of a mega disaster. The bible talks about great depression and economic collapse surrounding the advent of Armegeddon and the end of the world. The Bible code also tells of this. The Mayans placed the end of this world and humanity at December 21, 2012.

Is this new recession that we are most likely in right now the final one? It has all the earmarks of becoming a depression that could easily be greater then the Great Depression itself. I hope this dire prophecy is wrong, but then why is the government secretly getting ready to protect the President, other politicians and the rich from horrible natural disasters? Do they know something they aren’t telling us?

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