Redbox videos – A Convenient and Cheap Movie Rental Idea, but A Disapointing Turnout!!

Have you ever wanted to rent a video late at night when all of the video stores are closed?  Well Redbox is a convenient way to enjoy a late night movie with no hassle.  Not only is there always a Redbox available 24/7, but it is only $1.08 and isn’t due back till 9 p.m. the next day!  A negative to Redbox is that a movie you wanted to see in theatres won’t be available until the movie is out on DVD for an average of 3 weeks.

Although you may have to wait a little bit longer for the movie you wanted to see, the price is well worth the wait!  Another great thing about renting a movie from Redbox is that they always have promotions.  One promotion is to register for Redbox online and be added to their Monday night code promotion.  On the first Monday of every month Redbox sends out a text message with a code for a free movie to all people who are registered.

The only problem with that code promotion is that it expires at midnight on that Monday.  This could be a problem for people who are busy on Mondays or have to work early Tuesday morning and have no time to watch the movie that they would possibly rent. 

Another problem with red box is that the movies are rarely put into the boxes on the dates that the board on the Redbox states. I have been to many Redbox locations to rent a movie I was waiting for and it wasn’t in the machine. I recently went to red box and tried to rent a movie that was supposed to be there June 1st and it was now July 1st and the movie was still not in the machine yet.  It’s really disappointing when you are really looking forward to seeing a movie and you go to a bunch of different red box locations to rent it and none of them have it.

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Redbox is a great invention that was originally funded by McDonald’s.  I guess McDonald’s didn’t have enough greed from ripping people off and ruining their health one Big Mac at a time!!  Redbox is now coming out with machines that will let people rent video games and Blu-ray movies.  20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Universal had refused to sell movies until 28 days after the film had been released on DVD.  In February of this year (2010) Redbox reached an agreement that they wouldn’t release any DVDs to the public until 28 days after they were on DVD.  This explains why Redbox never has the movie you want until a month and a half later, but doesn’t explain why they never have the movies they promise!! 

If you are looking to rent a movie and your local video store isn’t open, look for a Redbox machine nearby!!  They may not have your preferred DVD, but for $1.08 you can’t beat it!!!

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