Rosetta Stone language learning software – by far the easiest and best way to learn a new language or brush up on an old one!

Rosetta Stone learning language software review

The Rosetta Stone Spanish software program really opened up new doors for me that I never thought possible! I highly recommend it to everyone!

I’ve tried a lot of different language learning programs in the past 10 or 15 years.  I’ve tried everything from tapes to computer programs to books, classes and more.  By far and away the easiest and funnest way to learn Spanish from a was through using the Rosetta Stone learning language program.

Rosetta Stone takes the approach that they assume you’ll actually nothing about the foreign language you want to learn about.  Then they use all sorts of visual aids and real-life experiences to help you understand and remember the most important concepts of foreign languages like Spanish.

Within just a few weeks one can learn enough to understand how to ask for all the basic necessities and to be able to get by in a city where few people speak English.  From personal experience I can tell you this software program is very effective because I had never learned Spanish before.  I had taken some German and a little bit of Italian, but never any Spanish.

After a little over a month of using the Rosetta Stone my business (IBM) set me to Peru to me with some clients at a bank and to start a long project with them that was going to last several months.  Now I want to be honest with you as I was nowheres near perfect in my understanding of the Spanish language, but with the Rosetta Stone training that I had I was able to convey the points I needed to get across and to also understand a lot of what the clients were saying.

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I became the important point person for our team in Peru because I had a better understanding of the Spanish language than anyone else on our team did.  It also helped create a great bond with our business customers in Peru.  They treated me like I was one of them and they were highly appreciative of the fact that I took the time and the effort to try and learn their difficult language.

In their own wards they said that all the other businesses that they had met with for the same project ideas had never really bothered to learn their language.  Instead they just hired someone to be an interpreter.  In my opinion it just looks so much more professional when you don’t have to hire an interpreter and you show initiative in learning the foreign language.

The Rosetta Stone Spanish learning language software has really opened up new doors for me as I am no longer employed by IBM and now work for that bank client in Peru.  I have learned an awful lot more about the language since then and I’m pretty much fluent now in Spanish.  I love my job and where I live is like a paradise 365 days of the year.  I don’t think this would’ve been possible if I had not used the RosettaStone language learning software.

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