Sears Home Services Complaint – They didn’t install my roof properly and Sear’s inspector even proved it!


STAY AWAY FROM SEARS HOME SERVICES if you need home renovations of any kind.

In fact, stay away from Sears altogether.

Formerly Sears Home Central.  The same crowd who botched my roof job, with the same lousy attitude. Don’t be fooled by a name change.  It’s still SEARS!  Sears Home Services, Sears Home Central, Sears Sucks!!!

See what Sears did to me:

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June 20, 2002, 25-year roof shingles and attic vents installed by Sears Home Central. They installed the ventilation improperly, causing premature deterioration of shingles, also water infiltration as a result of ice dams. I had requested that they make sure there was proper ventilation at the time of contract.

I called Sears rep the next day to express concern about the placement of Maxi Vent.  It is half way down the roof. The rep, Ken Campbell, looked from the ground, from one side, never went up on the roof, never checked for blocked soffits or other vents interfering with the Maxi vent.  Still he said it was good enough. Against my better judgment, all I could do was hope for the best.

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That summer, I noticed excessive falling off of granules from shingles, a sign of trouble.

July 11, 2009, I noticed shingles becoming bare, curling and breaking. I called Sears Home Central to report this. It took several calls before someone got back to me.

July 31, Sears sends an inspector to have a look. Without hesitation, he informs me that the ventilation was not properly installed, that this was causing excessive heat buildup in the attic, and it was Sears’ fault. He told me that Sears would fix the ventilation and replace the shingles at no cost to me.

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Meanwhile, I visit Maxi Vent website and found, according to their very clear instructions, that indeed the ventilation was all wrong.

Since that time, Sears has flatly refused to fix anything.  All I get from Corporate Customer Service and the local manager in Ottawa is excuses, untruths and gobbledegook.

This is the most deplorable and shameful performance I have seen in my life. STAY AWAY FROM SEARS !!!

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