Shutterfly Photo Book Creator Website – Easy, Cheap, and Fun Way To Personalize Your Photos

Last month I was surfing the internet trying to find a website that I could store my photos online. There were three things that came up they were Flickr, Shutterfly, and My Photo Album. I had heard really good things about Flickr from my friends, but I wanted to try out Shutterfly because it just sounded like a cool name.

I went to the Shutterfly website and I noticed that you could create a photo book online and then order it so you could physically see it. I went to create a photo book and I realized that you could create a custom photo book. I thought this was the coolest thing in the world, it was like a virtual scrap booking kit. I am a scrap booking addict, I could spend well over $100 at a scrap booking store.

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I decided to get started using Shutterfly and instead of just uploading my pictures to store them, I figured I could create a photo book. My boyfriend and I had just gone to Atlanta, GA for Spring Break and we had taken tons of pictures! Uploading the pictures was so simple, after I did that I started putting together pages. They have Idea pages on how to organize your pictures on the page. They also have virtual stickers that you can place on the pages for added creativity.

I worked on my photo book for several hours and was almost finished, I didn’t think it was creative enough so I saved it in my online account so that I could work on it again the next day. You can create a Shutterfly account for free and get prints, create photo books, or just store your photos, all for free!!! The free part is what really caught my eye about Shutterfly.

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The good part about Shutterfly as opposed to physically scrap booking is that you don’t have to cut and ruin your photos, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a great end product. Shutterfly as a set price for their photo books. You can get a 20 page photo book from $12.99-$69.99 in all different sizes (5X7, 7X9, 8X8, 8X11, 12X12). Of course the larger the size, the higher the price. You can also add more pages to your photo book as well, you will just get charged per page after your 20th page. Each additional page can range in price from $.50-$1.50.

The only thing that I have done on Shutterfly so far is created a custom photo book. But some of the other things that Shutterfly offers is calendars, cards & stationary, prints, photo gifts, and home décor. The prices may sound high but for all that you get for the price that you pay it is an amazing deal.

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I know that I could never create a scrapbook only paying $12.99, between the price of the book itself, all of the stickers, and the price that it costs to print the pictures. You also would probably want other things like fancy scissors that cut different shapes, paint, markers, and anything else that could add to the amazingness of the scrapbook that you are creating.

I definitely say give Shutterfly a try if you love to scrapbook and can’t afford to go out and buy all of the things that are necessary in order to make a really good scrapbook!!! Go to now and check it out!! =)

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