Sona Med Spa scam – laser hair removal treatments that don’t work as promised!

Sona med spa laser hair treatment scam

Sona Med Spa laser hair treatment is a 100% scam! Avoid them like the plague!

You’ve probably heard of their advertisements on the radio by now. They advertised all over the United States and have locations throughout the US also. So the meds spotted a large franchised company and one of their biggest advertising mediums that they use is the radio in which they promise to have that newest, most innovative and guaranteed most effective laser hair removal treatments out there. The problem is it’s a 100% scam!

That’s right! I went to Sona Med Spa after hearing one of the local radio station DJs proclaim how great his treatments were for laser hair removal. They advertised a special price so I called and they demanded immediate payment to receive the special price. So I paid and give them my credit card number. Then when I tried to use the first service I found that they were heavily overbooked. It seemed like almost every day that I wanted to have the service done they were booked and couldn’t get me in. So something was a little fishy to begin with – they were overbooking to maximize profits as quickly as possible with complete disregard as to servicing their paying customers.

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So, finally I was able to get in for a treatment for laser hair removal. I did three treatments and had absolutely no results. On top of that they sold me a painless or pain reducing salve that he applied to the skin for $100. It turned out upon doing a little research on it but it was just a greatly overpriced and overcharged tube of 4% lidocaine – easily purchase for three dollars at Wal-Mart! What a ripoff!

So, Sona Med Spa is a complete scam from the inside out (check out this link on the Sona Med Spa scam!)  Their promises and guarantees you here over there radio advertisements are complete lies individual research on the Internet like I have recently done by searching for the keywords “Sona Med Spa scam” on Google you’ll see thousands of complaints from consumers that were ripped off in one fashion or another.  Almost every single one of these complaints states that their laser hair removal treatments do not work and Sona Med Spa knows this.

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I reported them to the FTC for deceptive and unethical business practices.  If you have been treated wrongly by Sona Med Spa or ripped off as I had happen to me, do the same and report them to the FTC.  When the FTC gets enough complaints they will launch a full scale investigation, sue them into the ground and close them down for good by removing their ability to do business the United States of America.

I actually got the opportunity to speak to a FTC investigator whom said they had received a barrage of complaints (in other words a lot) on Sona Med Spa ranging from claims of false advertising to illegal business practices and more.  Please couldn’t tell me what the status of an investigation was with Sona Med Spa or if there was one currently going on, but he did say they had something coming down the pipeline soon.

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Don’t bother reporting Sona to the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  Somehow the Better Business Bureau has them ranked as an A+ when there is over 10,000 complaints on the Internet and the FTC has enough complaints to open a full scale investigation on them.  Sony has already lost numerous court cases and expensive mediation case for deceptive  business practices and false advertising and claims.  This makes me wonder about the Better Business Bureau and if they just exist to extort payments from businesses to be listed on them as accredited businesses and then they don’t do anything other than hide or bury complaints in exchange for these payments.  I will definitely have to look into this as Sona Med Spa has far too many complaints in unhappy customers to be an A+ company in anyone’s eyes let alone the Better Business Bureau.  Take your complaint as I stated to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) because they don’t extract or extort payments from businesses and they will take care of things!

If you read this please be sure and pass this on to others by e-mailing it, by linking to it, whatever it takes so that others can be warned about Sona Med Spa before they get ripped off like I did!  And if you unfortunately have been ripped off, hurt, etc. by Sona Med Spa please make sure you file a formal complaint with the FTC.  Then if you’ve been hurt by them be sure and immediately get good legal counsel and find a good attorney in your area so you can be compensated for their wanton neglect and abusive business practices.

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5 Responses to Sona Med Spa scam – laser hair removal treatments that don’t work as promised!

  1. audrey on October 20, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    I have also had all of my hair grow back in bikini area after all of my treatments were done at Sona Medspa in Huntersville, NC.
    October 20, 2010

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  2. Matt on February 25, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    You do realize you are supposed to complete 6-7 treatments to see the full results right? Being rated highly with the BBB has to do with how effectively and fairly they deal with complaints when they arise. Going in for 3 treatments and the complaining dramatically to the FTC and on here isn’t really a valid complaint….

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  3. joanna on February 25, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    I had treatment done there and I’m satisfied with the results. Its not 100% hairless but hey I dont have to shave as much (1 time every 1-2 month). I had my bikin area done. It really depends on your skin type too. Darker people will not have such great results.
    pros are: less hair, doesnt grow back fast, hair not as thick as before.
    Cons: IT REALLY HURTS, but only for a minute, still have to shave every now and then.

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  4. CK on February 28, 2011 at 11:47 PM

    They are definitely a scam! I went to the Tampa branch and after paying over $6,000 because they demanded payment in full before they would start treatment, they went bankrupt after my first sessions. So now the hair is worse than when I started. I tried all ways of getting my hard earned, hard saved money with no way to get it back because of bankruptcy laws. Do NOT use SONA MedSpa.

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  5. Adam on November 13, 2011 at 2:41 PM

    My experience was very similar to the others you find on the Internet. They want all of the money up front. They continually tell you that they can not schedule you for an appointment. They may have the laser equipment half the month or maybe it isn’t working. If you transfer your services to another office hoping to get better customer service it will cost you $50. If you are more than two minutes late they will not be able to reschedule you for another month or so. They do not give refunds. They do not guarantee results. I paid them $1800 in June 2011 for five appointments. As of November 14, 2011 I have had two appointments. There is no change in my skin condition.

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