SOPA and why you need to start using a VPN to protect your privacy online!

The government wants to know everything you do online and censor the internet – you need to read this!

SOPA, if you didn’t already know, stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act. It is legislation that is being pushed by the music industry along other intellectual property holders (movie industry, etc…) and regardless of whether you download movies and content illegally or not – that’s right – even if you are a perfectly law abiding citizen it affects you too.

The proposed SOPA act would require ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to block access to restricted websites (what is restricted is actually up to the government which means more loss of individual rights just like with the Patriot Act) and to use intrusive methods like deep packet inspection to monitor your internet use and downloading behavior.

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Do you want the government to have the right to pry into everything you do or say? Do you want them to track every site you visit? The NSA (National Security Agency and CIA illegally do this with suspects of interest right now and have been doing this for quite some time), but do you want your local police, the Department of HSS, the IRS, etc… to all know what you are doing, who you talk to, what you spend, make, etc…? Do you want them to have the right to censor the internet and what you see and hear (that’s part of the SOPA act)?

I certainly like and cherish my rights afforded me by our Constitution, but when Acts and legislation like the Patriot Act and this new proposed SOPA act come about I get angry. I get steaming mad as I know our government (led by one of the biggest liars of all time – Barack Obama) will stop at nothing to take away the rights of its citizens. They want us all to be zombies working hard and paying high taxes.

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They don’t want us to question their motives and practices. Make no mistake of it they are trying to remove more of your rights and pry right into your private life. They will be able to read who you Facebook with, who you Twitter with, who you bank with and what your bank account number is. Anything you do online will be easy to read and see with deep crawling which make no mistake of it – absolutely will be implemented if SOPA is passed and becomes law.

So, how do you get around this governmental prying into our lives and our privacy? Get a strong and easy to use VPN (Virtual Private Network). It’s that simple. If you use a strong VPN like the Torrent Privacy VPN, then they cannot see anything but encrypted garbage. There are only a few VPNs out there that are strong and easy to use and I’ve personally used several of them.

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I found the Torrent Privacy VPN to be the best – it is also dirt cheap at around $9 per month! Everything I do is encrypted and there’s nothing the government can do about it. My ISP has no idea what I am doing and nor does anyone else. If you are worried about identity theft, big brother’s peering eyes, your security and safety then you need a good VPN. And you need it yesterday its that important!

This is no kidding – you need to get a VPN. They are cheap ($9 to $10 a month or so) for guaranteed protection and privacy. With all the hackers out there like Anonymous and others and all the identity theft its a no-brainer. Everyone needs to get a VPN like Torrent Privacy today!

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