Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning review – Stanley Steemer is a nightmare!

Stanley Steemer is ass! Their people smoke crack and then rip you off badly!

I have to lay this one out – I got ripped off big time by the local jackasses at Stanley Steemer. My wife and I wanted our carpets cleaned and I made the biggest mistake of my life by calling Stanley Steemer. I saw their commercial on TV and figured they were the best to call and boy was I wrong – way wrong!

They quoted me a low price over the phone to come and treat and clean our carpets. It was like $250 or so they said. Then they showed up and that wasn’t anywhere’s near the same number. Plus they missed their appointment by several days. They kept calling with excuses as to why they couldn’t come.

Don’t pay for a movie rental ever again!

First the truck or van broke down then it was raining too hard, etc… I have never heard so many excuses in my life. Then when they showed up they all smelled of bad body odor and crack cocaine – that’s right. They must have just smoked up crack because I could see white smoke that certainly smelled like crack cocaine on their breath and they were all jittery and jumpy (a further indication that they had just smoked up some crack cocaine).

I used to work for the sheriff here in nearby Cabarrus county and so I know what crak cocaine looks like, smells like and what effects it has on people. These carpet technicians (if they really were trained technicians) had definitely just smoked crack cocaine right prior to coming out to my house to treat my carpets.

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Anywas, they had finally come and I and my wife had already had to wait several days for them to come out and clean our carpets. So, I told them to get started. They never mentioned any difference in price or anything. Finally they finished the house and it looked okay – but keep in mind every carpet looks better wet – you really have to wait until it is dry to see the real difference.

Then they hit me with the bill – over $600! I at first thought they were kidding. But they weren’t. I called their 1(800) number to complain and argue butthey told me I had agreed to their price – since when? I agreed to the quote of around $250 – not to $600+. I was pissed off royally. The one guy said that if I didn’t pay them right then and there that he would take out a mechanic’s lien on my house and order it sold to recoup their funds.

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I quickly called a friend of mine who is an attorney and he said any contractor can file a lien if they aren’t paid, but I can fight the validity of the lien and the charges in court. So that is what I am doing. I paid the Stanley Steemer bastard con-artists and am soon going to be filing a lawsuit to recover my money and I will be asking for punitive damages!

Do yourself a favor – do not hire the crackheads at Stanley Steemer to clean your carpets. Oh and by the way, when the carpets dried they were only marginally improved. I have pictures of this and will be using this in court.

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2 Responses to Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning review – Stanley Steemer is a nightmare!

  1. carpetrug on October 21, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and found most individuals will go along with with your opinion. Thanks!

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  2. RobbyE on August 27, 2012 at 10:47 PM

    The upsell starts the moment you call in and continues until they walk out the door—and beyond,via email.

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