SwapaDVD website review – Swapping online is a great way to save money on DVDs!

Got some extra dvds you no longer watch? Want to save money on some dvds? You need to try SwapaDVD.com!

I have a big family and we watch all kinds of DVDs and movies. Recently I found a new website called SwapaDVD.com which is pretty neat. By joining and becoming a free member on this website you can literally swot out DVDs and movies with other people across the United States. This can easily save you a ton of money on movies and DVDs.

All those movies that I had laying around that we don’t watch anymore I found there were other people out there that want to watch them. And these other people have movies that I would like to see. and it’s not just movies there are workout DVDs, educational DVDs, all all sorts of stuff. As a matter fact, upon looking at the website right now, it says there are over 250,000 DVDs available!

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That’s a whole lot of DVDs to choose from. All it requires for you to sign up is for you to list your DVDs that you have available to other people. Then if someone requests one of the DVDs you have got to send it to them in a timely fashion. You have to pay the shipping for that which is very minimal for a DVD. But when you request a DVD you don’t have to pay the shipping the other person does.

This is a great way of being green and saving on the creation of millions of pounds of plastic that ends up in landfills at the time every year due to unused or scratched DVDs. Matter fact I just saw a program on the National Geographic Channel which showed a bunch of plastic DVD waste washing up on shores in Hawaii. We need to start cutting down on our waste.

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I also like the fact that I can get just about any DVD I want and not have to pay $30 or $20 for it. The shipping is like two dollars or so for me to have to send a dvd or movie out to someone that wants it and what’s nice about that is that when it’s my time and I want something it’s free. On the website they have just about everything anyone could want.

They have categories that cover everything from horror to anime to comedy and more. I love great comedies and my wife likes workout videos like Denise Austin and others. There’s even an educational section loaded with all kinds of documentaries on everything to even include World War II and D-Day – my father loves to watch these real documentaries and reminisce about his days in the Army.

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Whatever your interests may be, I really like and recommend the SwapaDVD website. Give it a try and get rid of some of those DVDs you have laying around you have no use for or don’t watch anymore. And instead get some in return that you would love to watch or didn’t even know existed. There are tons of great movies and documentaries available at the touch of a button and as long as you’re signed up to give other people some of your DVDs the cost is nothing to you other than shipping out the DVDs other people request.

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