The Corner Tavern In Newark NY Review – Dining Experience Filled With Amazing Food and Friendly Service!

Corner Tavern
101 West Union Street
Newark, NY 14513-1426

For the past couple months I have been going to a local tavern here in Newark, NY called The Corner Tavern.  I was looking for a place that has great food and friendly service and I think I have found that place.  A couple of weeks ago I went to The Corner Tavern on Friday night and I had asked our waitress what was good to eat.  She had told us that they had amazing seafood specials.

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I had then asked her what seafood dinners were good and she had recommended a couple different meals.  The first one was the seafood platter which includes baby shrimp, sushi, crab legs, shrimp cocktail, and scallops.  The next meal was the surf and turf which really sounded good but I really wasn’t sure if I wanted steak.

Two other meals that were recommended to me were the seafood bisque or the clams casino.  I really dislike clams so I decided not to go with that and instead with the seafood platter because I really wanted to try a variety of seafood.  The service at the Corner Tavern is very friendly and enjoyable.  They have dim lighting so it really makes you feel relaxed and personal if you are having dinner with someone else.

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They have a bar that is separate from the dining area so it allows you to have your own space without feeling you are even at a bar.  If you are feeling lucky you can play the NYS lottery quick draw and test your luck.  One part of the Corner Tavern that I always remember day in and day out is the friendly service that is provided.

Our waitress a couple weeks ago was I think Kim and she was very polit.  She took the time to explain what was good and never rushed us out the door.  This is one major part of returning to the Corner Tavern other than the great food!  When I got my seafood platter it looked amazing, so amazing I couldn’t wait for it to cool down.

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The shrimp was very fresh, but the winner out of the whole dish was the crab legs.  They were amazing even without any melted butter!  It was so good and delicious I really can’t explain, so you need to go and see for yourself.  This past week I went on a Thursday night and found out it was Italian night.

Every Thursday night they offer buy one get one free on their spaghetti.  You may think well it’s just spaghetti, but their sauce is one of the best I have ever had!!  I wish I could purchase the sauce in the store, but I guess that’s what makes it special.  I fully recommend anyone to stop into the Corner Tavern an enjoy an amazing dining experience!!

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  1. The Corner Tavern on September 29, 2011 at 1:58 PM


    We are very glad you had a pleasant experience at our restaurant! Hope to see you again soon!!

    The Corner Tavern :)

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