Top 10 popular reviews and complaints for November and December of 2010 on

Here are the top 10 most popular reviews and complaints here on for the months of November and December in 2010.

1. Smoke Remedy scam – as the year is coming to a close it was inevitable that a complaint about something that would have to do with New Year’s resolutions like quitting smoking would surface to the top. Apparently a lot of people out there are upset with the smoke remedy program and their billing practices as you can see by searching the Internet or the Better Business Bureau.

2. Crocs shoes and Croc knockoffs – even though it’s the winter Crocs shoes are still extremely popular and due to their high price at retail stores consumers are looking for other cheaper avenues like knockoffs. Some knockoffs are definitely made and constructed of better materials than others. this is a very interesting read on Crocs and shoe knockoffs.

3. AMTC auditions is a mega scam for Christ – As you can see by reading the comments section on this post is quite obvious to anyone reading this that AMTC is a scam and needs to be looked into by both state and federal agencies. When this was written obviously there were ripping people off to the tune of around $3,000, but as of recently I’ve heard it’s as high as $6000 or more – read this before you become another victim of theirs!

4. the Mary Kay cosmetics scam – Just like with the AMTC scam listed above, Mary Kay is a scam also. It is more like a Ponzi style scam. They use terms like investments and beauty consultants when in fact the sad reality is that very few people if any ever make any money by selling Mary Kay cosmetics. There’s a lot of hype, but the bottom line is that the vast majority never make any money and most actually end up losing money. There is no instant road to riches or financial freedom with Mary Kay.

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5. Bootlegged Zumba, p90-x and Insanity workout videos on Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon – some people to save money are looking for other avenues to buy these expensive DVD sets. You can find them on craigslist, Amazon and Ebay for much cheaper, but be warned these are bootlegged copies. These copies are both illegal and of extreme poor quality. it is not uncommon to hear of people receiving a set of these DVDs were 9 out of 10 of the DVDs don’t work. if this is a workout but he will be doing often or on a daily basis you will definitely want and be better off with the originals from BeachBody Fitness.

6., Crystal View headlight cleaner scam – We have received a lot of traffic and inquiries on this one. All one has to do is look up their Better Business Bureau record under their actual business name (Crystal View Chemicals) and you will see that they have a rating of F. The absolute lowest rating given by the Better Business Bureau. They solely reserve this rating only for scams and similar. according to our readers this company sells a product for headlight restoration that either does not work at all or barely works and they do not honor their guarantee or warranty on their product in the slightest. It is of our opinion that it is best to stay away from companies with horrible track records like this. They have several websites that are all interrelated (,, etc…) They also are frequent forum and blog spammers to get links back to their websites. Here are some extra links that lend credability to the fact that CV and ( also) are a scam:
a) ripoffreport on CV headlight cleaning kit
b) BBB rating of F for and Crystal View Chemicals scam
c) another customer complaint that Crystal View’s headlight restorer is trash
d) Ebay warning of Crystal View scam

7. Pizza Hut pizza complaint – Well, I have to agree with this complaint. If I found a dead fly or something similar in my food I probably wouldn’t be too hungry after finding that either. I am sure that this Pizza Hut restaurant that there talking about in particular could use a definite cleaning and probably has a low cleanliness score from their local health department to say the least.

8. President Obama, ACORN and how they cheated to win the presidency – If you don’t think Obama and his crooked friends cheated to take the White House then you need to read this post. It will definitely bring you up to speed on what might have been the largest scale cheating in the history of the US!

9. and is it worth the effort? – I’m sure by now if you have a website then you must know what Ezinearticles and article submissions are. in the past few years is becoming increasingly obvious that the effectiveness of article marketing has gone down the toilet. This post just goes much further on this issue and proves beyond a shadow of doubt that article marketing on websites like Ezinearticles is no loger effective and a complete waste of your time. It then goes on to show you what you should be doing with your time and your website to make far greater returns or profits on your efforts. This is definitely a great and very informative read.

10. Stanley Steemer and fraudulent business practices – If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a nationwide franchised company with thousands of locations where a common business practice is to play pricing scams on customers. According to this complaint when you call Stanley Steemer they quote you one price and then when they come to your door you will get another one and then you will get the runaround on top of that. Sounds like a very shady rug cleaning business to me. In my opinion I would just go on to the next rug cleaning company and avoid Stanley Steemer altogether.

And here’s a review that was a definite hot mover during these months: aweber email automation service – This is something that you will definitely want to check out if you have a website business or are thinking of starting one.

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