Top 10 posts, complaints, reviews and more for November!

Here are the most banging reviews, complaints, articles and more for the month of November!

1. Scott Shields martial arts scam

2. Why you shouldn’t surf the internet with free proxies

3. George Foreman grill review

4. Occupy Wall Street Protests

5. Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning complaint

6. New Lite headlight cleaner review

7. Is Hillary Clinton going to run for president in 2012?

8. Obama and how he and Acorn cheated to steal the vote

9. Was Obama born in Africa and what is his real agenda

10. Using Freecycle Atlanta to get marijuana

Those were the top 10 most trafficked posts on the for the month of November. Don’t fret if your contribution didn’t make it. keep trying and submitting your reviews, complaints, articles, and more and your post could be here next month. Thanks again for everyone’s great contributions.

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