Top complaints and reviews for January 2011 on RYC!

Here are the top complaints and reviews on ReportYourComplaint for the first month of 2011:

1) Crocs shoes and Croc knockoffs – This has been one of the most popular posts here for quite some time. Even in the winter people are searching for where they can save money on Crocs.

2) Smoke Remedy scam – Smoke remedy is a natural herb based product that claims it can stop smokers from craving cigarettes. The majority of its users think its all hogwash and a scam. There is no conclusive evidence out there that smoke remedy fares any better then a placebo or sugar pill.

3) TorrentPrivacy VPN and safe torrent downloading – With the advent of the RIAA and spamagation lawyers like Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver, it has become a necessity for torrent downloaders and pirates to use a safe and effective method for downloading. The answer is a VPN and the best one out there is clearly TorrentPrivacy. Read about it here. Be safe – don’t download without protection!

4) AMTC talent for christ scam – AMTC as everyone can see here is a big scam. There is nothing more to it. They lure parents in to this trap by using their kids and then saying it is in God’s name. Make no mistake about it – AMTC is a 100% scam.

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5) Kickass torrent download website – Kickass is one of the most popular torrent downloading websites. It is also well known for having few of the problems that have plagued the Pirate Bay for years – tons of viruses and trojan horses everywhere in their downloads. If you are into downloading be sure and check out Kickass and be sure and get a good VPN to protect you from the copyright police and their lawyers.

6) Mary Kay Cosmetics scam – Mary Kay is a scam because there is very little chance of anyone making any money and there are far too many lies out there. The odds of anyone making a significant income off of Mary Kay are worse then the odds that Big bird or Superman will become the next president. I mean how many family members can you peddle their cosmetics products to? Skip Mary Kay and move on to something with far better odds. Even the Powerball Lottery has better odds then Mary Kay.

7) The Pirate Bay and illegal torrent downloading – Pirating and illegal torrent downloading still rule the internet. They have tried to stop the Pirate Bay, but it is still there. The grand daddy of downloading sites. Just be sure and use a good VPN to ward off the anti-pirate attorneys.

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8) Sona Med Spa scam – I hear their ads every day on the radio. But if they were so succesful why would they be offering so many sales? Also, all one has to do is type in Sona Medspa on the internet and there are thousands of complaints and negative reviews. I would stay away from them until their billing practices improve and do not buy their multiple treatment packages. They are known to ripoff consumers big time with those.

9) New Lite headlight cleaner and restoration kit – This is a automotive product that our readers have found very useful to restore foggy headlights to new again. It looks like a really good product and it saves a lot of money versus buying replacement headlight lenses. A definite thumbs up product here on RYC.

10) Amazon and seller scam – This post about a reader that was ripped off on has received a lot of views. It is so sad that some people have to resort to ripping off their fellow man to make a few bucks. So sad. I wonder why doesn’t do anything to fix situations like this?


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