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It’s that time again to post the top articles, complaints, reviews and more for the month of August 2010. There are some changes this month and also I decided to add the top three movers to see where the action has been this month.

Top 10 list for August 2010 on RYC:

1. Craigslist fake watches – This article seems to be getting really hot is apparently fake or counterfeit watches are really showing up enmass on Craigslist.  All I can say here is beware this fact and I would not go buying expensive watches off of Craigslist.  If you see a Rolex, Breitling or other fancy watch going for too little money then most likely it is a counterfeit and someone’s going to try and rip you off on Craigslist.

2. Craigslist Zumba and Insanity DVD’s – Thinking about buying that half priced set of Zumba, p90-X or Insanity workout DVDs on craigslist, eBay or  Better think again.  Almost everyone that buys these workout DVDs through these three avenues is finding that they are cheaply made fakes and that most of the DVDs do not work.  These three avenues and especially craigslist are loaded with scam artists or lining up to take your cash and run off with it.  Use your head and buy it through the actual manufacturer Beach Body Fitness instead.

3. Portfolio Recovery Associates – This collection agency that tends to specialize in collecting zombie debt (debt that is so old it outside of every states stute of limitations and is therefore, unenforcable)  has had numerous complaints both here and elsewhere about their abusive collection tactics.  They think that they are big enough that they can get away with breaking the laws are not following the FDCPA – the biggest law that governs collection agencies.  If you are being contacted by them in a way that you feel is abusive or that breaks the law please be sure to contact an attorney.  There are several of them out there that specialize in running after scumbag collection agencies like Portfolio Recover Associates. If enough of you go after them and sue them they will stop these abusive collection tactics.

4. 5 Star Shine Paint Scam – This company has been at the top of our complaint list since we’ve started.  Apparently there are quite a few consumers out there that feel very strongly against 5 Star Shine and think it’s a scam and after looking into their complaints that they’ve posted I believe them 100% – five Star shine does employ very shady marketing practices (from abusively spamming forums and similar websites to try and dislodge or displace complaints when you search under their name, to listing out right lies in their advertising, not honoring their guarantee or return policy and more).  I would steer clear of this website and anything related to the website owner, Glen Cannady.

5. Sport Clips Haircut Review – Sport Clips is actually a great place to your haircut.  After reading this review I found a SportClips near me and had my hair cut and found it to be one of the best haircutting experiences I’ve had.  I got a great styled haircut at a great price and the wait wasn’t very long at all – you can’t top that!  So I highly recommend SportClips for getting your hair cut.

6. Target and a horrible return policy – Apparently target does not have a very good return policy.  I wouldn’t know as I don’t shop at Target all that often and haven’t had to return anything there as of yet.  But if this is true please keep sending us your complaints so that way Target hears about it and something will get done about it – Target corporate does monitor the Internet and  So if you don’t like something there or how they do something be sure and report it here because they will surely hear about it from this website!

7. ADT Home Security Service Scam – ADT has been at the top of our lists of complaints since early on.  Their predatory tactics with homeowners and small businesses have given a match in a claim for being a huge corporate scam on just about every TV news station out there.  Maybe with all this negative publicity they might start to change the way they do business?  I don’t know, because my town they still do business the same old scammy way.  My advice is to go and look at the other home security services first.

8. Swissgear backpacks by Wenger Review – This is some really good advice on backpacks for school.  I personally own a Swiss gear backpack that I bought after reading this and I also bought one for one of my sons and they are awesome.  Great price (lower then for NorthFace and similar backpacks) and far better quality and comfort.  It would be hard to beat a Swiss Gear backpack and even twice its price.  If you’re looking for a backpack definitely take a look at the Swissgear series before you make your purchase.

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9. Cram 101 College Textbook Reviews – there are all sorts of textbook review guides and other resources available through the Internet and at your local schools.  Apparently some of our readers definitely do not like the Cram 101 series of college textbook reviews.  My advice here is to go online and find one that works best for you.  Read the reviews, like you’ve seen here, and stick with the ones that are rated the best, not the ones like Cram 101 which are rated as the worst.

10. Walgreens Photo Department – What can I say here?  I’ve been to a Walgreens and had some pretty shoddy service at their photo Department.  I’ve also been to one Walgreens near me that had a very nice lady in the photo Department.  My advice here is go to another Walgreens or other store’s photo department if you have experienced bad customer service.

Top Movers for August 2010:

1. Smoke Remedy scam – this complaint is brand-new and within a period of five days or so moved in the top 20 complaints of all time on ReportYour  That’s quite an accomplishment and that means that there’s a lot of activity out there on this smoke remedy scam.

2. Hurt Locker Lawsuit and Voltage Pictures – Voltage Pictures (the creators of the movie Hurt Locker) and their attorneys have definitely made the front page everywhere by basically picking up were the RIAA left off and suing tens of thousands of illegal downloaders.  The problem here as has been made clear in this complaint and another one on our site is that is it morally right for Voltage Pictures and their lawyers (Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver) to use extortion and fraud to extract millions from the downloaders and pirates?  Be sure and read these complaints and post your opinions on this important matter.

3. Childhood Leukemia Foundation – Boy have we received a lot of correspondence on this one.  From consumers that are mad that a jury like this exists with such a low payout to those it intends to help to the actual owner of this charity.  My advice here is to use and stick with trustworthy sites like CharityNavigator to help you sift through the good and the bad in charities.  According to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation has a one star rating out of four which means that it clearly does not have the best flowthrough policies for getting funding through to those that need it or those it proposes to help.  My advice here is to stick with those charities that are ranked three and four stars out of four.  Those charities put a much higher percentage of your donation money to where it’s supposed to go.  One of our readers posted or apply in which they mention the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This charity is for larger and ranked far higher than any other leukemia charity that I can find.  So if you want to help children or adults with leukemia my advice here is to stick with a top rated charity like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

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