Top 10 complaints, reviews and compliments on ReportYourComplaint for September 2010!

Most popular complaints and reviews for September

Here are the top 10 popular posts, complaints and reviews for September 2010!

Here are the top posts, complaints, reviews and compliments for the month of September on!

1) US Copyright Group scam – read this before you pay anything to Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver – this post is pretty much self-explanatory and apparently was written by someone that knows someone that actually works at the infamed law firm (Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver). It offers an interesting take into the recent growth of spamagation lawsuits and the possibility that it’s pure extortion with no case is going to court for those that don’t pay up or resist. A very interesting read for anyone that is involved in Internet downloading.

2) AMTC auditions – American Models and Talent for Christ scam – Here’s an apparent scam that definitely set off a lot of outrage amongst employees of AMTC such that they had to enter hundreds of fictitious comments where they were trying to portray themselves falsely as a consumer and not an employee of AMTC. We were easily able to identify most of the employees through their IP addresses. Pretty much, when you have actions like this by a company’s employees to try and bury the truth, that pretty much tells you you’re dealing with a big scam.

3) Kickass Torrents a great torrent download resource – we actually have a review and a positive one that landed at number three. Usually the top spots are the scams and similar. Apparently Kickass torrents is a good resource for torrent downloads and a lot of people liked this review and still do as it is still quite popular!

4) Smoke remedy scam – it never ceases to amaze me that there are always a lot of scams involved with smoking cessation and quitting smoking. From hypnotists that claim that they can hypnotize you interior smoking immediately to drugs and treatment programs, most of it does not work and apparently a lot of people agree that smoke remedy doesn’t work and is a scam.

5) Portfolio Recovery Associates debt collection agency – ever since we started, this complaint has been in the top 10 for as long as I can remember. If you research them on the Internet you will find that Portfolio Debt Recovery is a zombie debt collection agency and is being currently sued or investigated in many states by the state attorney general for violation of federal and state debt collection practice laws and variou consumer laws. This company is known to break the laws and contact consumers in ways that would be considered harrassment and even illegal in many circumstances. If you have a problem with this company be sure and report them to your state senators, governor’s office and state Attorney General’s office.

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6) TorrentPrivacy, VPN and anonymous torrent downloading – if you’re thinking of downloading anything over the Internet especially if it’s copyrighted materials you definitely should not be doing that without some way of ensuring that you are completely anonymous over the Internet. There are way too many law firms out there currently mass mailing people that they think are violators of their clients copyrights. This is an interesting review and article on VPN and how it can make oneself completely anonymous over the Internet. Anonymity over the internet is not just for illegal downloaders. It is also a way to greatly reduce the risks of identity theft and other related cyber crimes.

7) Mary Kay cosmetics scam – Mary Kay products have been around a long time. We’ve heard all kinds of complaints through the years about some shady sales tactics that some (not all) of their sales agents and representatives employ. This is probably the same for most any big multi-level marketing scheme like Mark Kay. The basic premises the first few make all the money and everyone else doesn’t do as well. The people that get in late in the game like now don’t make anything. That’s the general rule and yes there are some variations of this I’m sure, but same as with the AMTC complaint, we got and still receive a lot of posts from angry representatives that many times will not tell us they are a Mary Kay representative and try to falsely leave a comment as if they were a consumer. We don’t like that and when we see it we will usually post a warning above their comments stating that they are or most likely are a employee or other similarly vested person of the company in question.

8) The Childhood Leukemia Fondation scam – this is quite positively a scam that is actually ranked on CharityNavigator.Org as one of the worst charities out there in the world.  Very little of the money donated actually goes to help those in need.  And when I say very little I mean extremely small like pennies on the dollar.  Please do not fall prey to this charity scam.  Read the complaint on this and especially the comments below it were you will see the Childhood Leukemia Foundation owner’s responses and our responses to them.  This one is a true scam no doubt about it.

9) Bootlegged Zumba, Insanity and p90-x dvd box sets on Craigslist – there’s been a rampant explosion in the number of people trying to hawk bootlegged copies of the wildly popular fitness videos Zumba, Insanity and p90-x on Craigslist.  Not only is this highly illegal (Beach Body Fitness and Zumba have been prosecuting and going after the people doing this in numerous cities) it is also bad for the person that thinks are good that good deal.  I know several people that bought bootlegged copies off of Craigslist here in Charlotte North Carolina and they were very cheaply done copies.  They worked for a few days and then they didn’t work anymore.  They started to skip, were easily scratched (very poor quality and cheap dvds) and ended up being something that they threw out.  You’re far better off getting the real thing and not have to worry about cheap, poor quality DVDs that won’t last very long at all.

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10) sucks! Seller sent wrong item! – This is an old complaint that keeps resurfacing is apparent that there’s a lot of people out there that feel the same way.  Apparently there are quite a few sellers on that are basically there to rip off consumers.  Amazon.Com might need to redo some things to catch these folks and take them off of there website.  I know from using that they do have some good protective features in place and its quite easy to report your seller if they try and send you the wrong item or not send it all.  But it even happened to me.  I bought an expensive textbook for college for my son and I received a old paperback book that had to do with Little House on the Prairie.  Now maybe that was a mistake, but that’s a pretty far off mistake in my book.  Amazon.Com did refund my money but it took several weeks.

Top movers for September:

1) MDWholesale and New Lite headlight cleaner kits – this automotive restoration product from is quite popular and apparently everyone loves it. I searched the web and found that it has been recommended and tested by experts at leading websites like and numerous others. So this is definitely our top moving business compliment!

2) Rug Doctor steam cleaner – this is another top-rated product here on I personally own a Rug Doctor and, I actually purchased it after reading this positive review of the rug doctor steam cleaner and it works great. I have actually no complaints and love this machine. It works great at removing stains from carpets.

3) Commit stop smoking lozenges – I am kind of glad that this post and other similar smoking cessation related reviews and posts are becoming very popular. This means more and more people are trying to quit smoking and that is a very good thing indeed!

They’re you have it, the top 10 complaints, reviews, compliments and more for the month of September here on – the best consumer reporting website and resource on the Internet!

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