Top complaints, reviews and posts for May on ReportYourComplaint!

We’ve had numerous requests from our readership to post the most read and most searched complaints, reviews, raves and other various posts. So we used w3counter to verify the top posts, complaints and more and we found the first 6 to be complaints and the last 2 to be praises of companies. So below is the list of the top eight for May:

1. Phoenix University (aka University of Phoenix) scam

2. Hardees fast food restaurants and moldy buns

3. Lab Corp. – an incredible health care scam

4. A to Z scam and how buyers get free items

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5. Walmart and terrible and outright rude customer service

6. Bank of America and the Keep the Change scam

7. a review and great resource

8. 3N2 Sports and excellent customer service

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