– a review of a website that gives you a view into current and future trends in the social sphere.

Trendwatching, current and future trends is an interesting and educational site where you can get an educated idea of what current and future trends are affecting people on a global and local scale.

If you’re looking to see what is going on all over the world in a more social aspect, then you may want to check out a website called It doesn’t veer into the political, geophysical or other realms, but mainly focuses on how people interact with one another both for business and for pleasure.

With this website there are two levels of membership. One is obviously free and you can access both current and future trends in this manner. The other is a premium or paid level and gives you more options and searchability. For this reviewer to stick with the free level.

The free level gives you a good several page synopsis of what is going on currently and in the near future in the social world. Like if you were to go to right now, the current briefing (which is were you will find the most current trends analysis and is located at top left hand corner of the website) is about mass mingling.

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Mass mingling is how people nowadays are using the increase in portable technology like smart phones, laptops, iPads and other similar devices to meet one another online and then bring that into a physical meeting. The trend here is a growing one that will continue on into the future and basically you can see this from websites like where people with similar interests set up local meet up groups on various ideas and subjects.

Some of the most popular music groups are ones that deal with the paranormal, weight loss, nutrition, running clubs, and numerous business-related clubs.  From scrap booking to developing a green thumb and working in your garden to the legalization of marijuana, they’re all kind of subject matters that people are using smart phones and other devices to meet first online and then locally.

According to the website, this trend of social and mass mingling is a growing one and is here to stay for quite some time the future.  You can also look at past briefings and trends in many of these are quite interesting and spot on.  They release a new briefing and trends research once a month.  So you can go back to previous months, like for instance, May 2010′s briefing was on the importance of status.

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This was a very interesting briefing as status, even though we’re in the deepest recession since the Great Depression, is still highly important and plays a major role in both how we see others and ourselves.  Many of us will actually judge a person by the car they drive or the house they live in.  This can actually be very incorrect, not the briefing, but this idea of judging someone instantaneously just by the clothes they whear, the car they drive and so on.

According to books like the Automatic Millionaire and The Millionaire Next Door these judgments are usually incorrect.  Just because you see someone driving a brand-new Mercedes-Benz or living in a $800,000 home does not mean all is well financially with them.  The quest to attain a higher status and to impress others many times drives people to the verge of financial ruin.

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Unfortunately people do not learn from the past as they should.  Living outside of one’s means is a recipe for disaster.  The reason for this is the business cycle always repeats itself and this includes an uptrend and also a downtrend.  Each downtrend is generally a recession and some obviously like the one we’re in now are much worse than others.  No one can predict the future with absolute clarity and so it is more important to make sure that people live with in their means so that if something goes wrong like the economy takes a nose dive and you lose your job you don’t lose your house, your car, etc…

in the quest for status we have watched a similar trend in the lowering of saving money.  The average person has a negative net worth in America.  They owe enough on their credit cards, car payment and other things that they actually work to pay interest on many items that they no longer even use.  Maybe, we as Americans, need to rethink this trend of ours where we are so attached to status.  You can learn a lot from  It’s a very interesting website with some very interesting takes and ideas on future social trends.

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    Cool website and great tip. I would never have known about if it weren’t for this post and it really is a great website and very informative, just like this one,! Thanks again and I look forward to coming back for more great information. I also like perusing the complaints to see who is a good business and who is not. Very informative. Keep up the good work.

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