UNCC, police, recent marijuana arrests involving students and could they be using their time more wisely?

UNCC, police, recent marijuana arrests involving students and could they be using their time more wisely

UNCC police are a complete waste of time and space and they are now continually harrassing college students for stupid, pathetic matters instead of fighting real crime – pathetic!

Upon reading the latest issue of NinerTimes (the UNCC student newspaper) it has become quite obvious that the UNCC police and the nearby Charlotte Mecklenburg police have become bored – they are arresting college students for smoking pot. What comes to the top of my mind, immediately? The fact that they could be using their time more constructively to fight real crime.

I remember when I had a car stolen from my driveway about eight years ago or so and when I called into the Charlotte Mecklenburg police they were too busy to send someone out for over a week to talk to me. When they finally did get someone to talk to me it was through an e-mail and they really didn’t care. Isn’t car theft a felony and a much more dangerous crime because felons that steal cars usually use them to commit harder and more dangerous crimes?

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So where were the police that they were so busy? It turned out from watching the news that they were out doing a reverse sting on people buying pot for their own use. That is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in the biggest waste of local tax dollars I have ever seen. People that smoke marijuana are not hardened criminals for the most part. They are docile and gentle as teddy bears.

Have you ever been to a concert at the Visualite theater near Central Piedmont Community College? Been to an Indigo Girls or similar type of concert? if you had you would see that the majority of people in attendance smoke pot in one fashion or another. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. so why do our police spend so much time arresting these people are basically doing nothing worse than someone popping a pain pill which is perfectly legal as long as they have a prescription?

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Seriously, in the NinerTimes paper Charlotee 49ers basketball player DeMario Mayfield was arrested on Febuary 14th (Valentines Day) for a simple misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. That means he was arrested for his own personal consumption and supply. He was not selling to others and he was not a drug dealer. Because of this arrest he was suspended from again and there’s further disciplinary action that could be implemented against him.

Two days later UNCC campus police arrested an engineering student, Matthew Leibel, for simple possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. neither one of these students was selling drugs, carrying guns, plotting crimes or even intending to hurt another individual. They were simply looking to partake of a plant that naturally grows in this and similar environments that God put on this planet.

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This plant that is so illegal (which I think is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard) is actually now proven to be more effective on cancer than chemotherapy and other harsh drugs, proven as one of the best and most effective cures for various psychological maladies that affect our troops upon returning from the Gulf War and similar regions, etc…

Marijuana is a very helpful medicinal plant. It has no harmful side effects like prescription drugs all do and yet it is classified as being as dangerous as cocaine and heroin. Can’t our police find better things to be doing with their time? For instance I have been walking by the parking decks across the street there and almost been run over at least six times in the past year.

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