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One of these times there was both a UNCC police officer right there in his car right in front of it and another one right down the street. Both saw it and neither did a damn thing about it. We have lazy as hell police officers here on UNCC’s campus. Rather than fight real crime and do their jobs which could possibly be dangerous they would rather annoy students and arrest them for the most petty things in the world.

And what’s funny is they target students but not upper members of the University. For instance, I clearly know what marijuana smoke smells like. I was walking with my dog one day down one of the trails which goes behind the Chancellor’s house. I clearly smelled marijuana smoke. Being that it was winter and there were no leaves on the trees I could faintly make out the back deck of the Chancellors house and I could make out a skinny gray-haired person on the deck and the smoke was clearly coming from them and their direction.

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And I’m not sure if that was the chancellor or not, but it was coming from the back deck of the house that they stay in. Maybe it was his brother or another family member? I do not know. All I know is it’s very clear that whoever was on his back deck and is tall and skinny and has gray hair was clearly smoking marijuana and not a clove cigarette or similar.

Why don’t the UNCC police and force their supposed and ridiculous marijuana ban on the board and upper executives of UNCC? – Oh, I’m sorry, they would get fired wouldn’t they?
Is that fair? Absolutely not. Maybe random drug testing should be put in place for all of the upper board and executives here at UNCC? I wonder how many would no longer be on the board if this were to be implemented?

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Regardless, I’m not to pick on the Chancellor or his wife or his family for smoking marijuana because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I’m just trying to make a point here. We have the laziest and possibly stupidest police in this area and especially on our campus. They take years to fight real crimes if they do that all, but man will they move on a poor student that smoking a joint or a blunt and not harming a soul.

Well, the winds are changing. Soon enough you will see that our number’s are growing quickly into the tens and hundreds of thousands of people here (all of registered voting age) that support medicinal marijuana and basically marijuana for everyone. Within the next few years you will see North Carolina inevitably become a legal state for medical marijuana.

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The only hurdle in our way is the police unions and pharmaceutical company lobbyists. Why are they trying to stop this legislation? For one, to keep their jobs. Everyone knows that if you legalize marijuana you wouldn’t need 3/4ths of the police in this nation. That’s right over 60% of inmates in prison are in there for simple drug possession. What a humongous waste of billions of dollars in taxpayer funds.

Then there’s the pharmaceutical companies that don’t like the idea or threat of a medicinal drug that is more effective than any pain medication they can manufacture and can be grown in one’s own backyard or inside their house. They don’t want that because they can’t charge you $5-$20 a pill for something they can’t patent and regulate. They also don’t care that their pills and their chemicals that they want you to pay very high prices for are slowly killing you.

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