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The answer here is simple. Everyone needs to get off their duff and vote for and do whatever they can to make marijuana legal. Crime will decrease and life will get better for everyone – it’s a proven fact. The first step we need to take is for those that need it the most – the patients. Patients in severe pain suffering from everything from cancer, to debilitating diseases and more have a right as a US citizen to the medicine that they want and they choose and that is less harmful to their bodies – they have a right to medical marijuana.

Hi and over 100,000 other registered, voting citizens of North Carolina are not stop until legislation is passed that medicinal marijuana is approved and made legal here in North Carolina. We are growing and are now more powerful and more numerous than both the pharmaceutical companies and the police unions. We will win it’s just a matter of time. Until then our local police and especially the lazy ass morons of the UNCC police department that literally could not find their way out of a paper bag will continue to make nuisances of themselves and enemies of our fellow students.

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When are they going to realize that over 300 tons of marijuana is grown in the hills on the way to Asheville, NC and only a few hours from here. Our school colors are green. over 90% of students currently in attendance at UNCC smoke marijuana. You morons are outnumbered and are fighting a losing battle. Go put your time and effort into something worthwhile and if you can’t do that please go find another job. Until you do people like I will make your lives absolutely miserable.

Another thing that I find quite interesting is the background of some of these individuals that are doing the harassing and arresting of our students for these petty crimes. We had a lady that was a Playboy centerfold, currently someone that was once charged with or investigated for possible child molestation and child pornography, and a few that have been looked into for drug use – isn’t this a contradiction of terms? What a high quality police force we have here at UNCC…

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I think we need to have full disclosure on the UNCC police force and who is really doing these arrests and what their backgrounds really are. If I can quickly find out despite doing a few searches on the Internet that we have quite a few scumbags with worse records than any of our current students policing the university then I wonder what a complete background check would reveal? Maybe that will be my and the local pro marijuana groups (NORML, NCCPN, CARML, etc…) next step.

In the least I believe it would be in the UNCC police officers best interests to leave college students alone for being college students. If you continue to go after and harrass and arrest harmless college students for the stupidest and most benign of crimes like simple possession of marijuana or possession of a bong, vaporizer, blunt or joint you will only make us get more organized and powerful.

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We will win and you will lose in the end. It’s only a matter of time and the numbers are clearly in our favor and growing each and every day. Get off your duff, stop eating donuts and being lazy and go after real crime here in Charlotte and the university area.
if you are a UNCC College student or even a resident of North Carolina please take the time to help those that need the right to make their own choice for medication and what should be legal and should not be legal.

Get organized and get educated on the true benefits of marijuana. Don’t listen to the police and governmental idiots and morons that are marching to the tune of laziness, job protection and corruption. Marijuana is not an evil drug – on the contrary it is one of the most helpful and healthy plants on the planet! Join the fight to legalize marijuana for medical patients and then to legalize it for everyone! Websites to go to for more information and to help join the fight to legalize marijuana for patients and everyone in general:















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One Response to UNCC, police, recent marijuana arrests page 3

  1. Elliot Ness on April 26, 2012 at 4:31 AM

    I came across your post while doing some research for work. You are obviously an intelligent person who is passionate with your cause. However, I would like to respectfully ask you to consider an alternative view on some of your points.

    First of all, you speak of marijuana users as “docile and gentle as teddy bears”. You also prefaced this statement by saying that they “are not hardened criminals for the most part”. Have you considered though the means in which users have obtained their product? I will not ask you if you have first hand knowledge, but rather simply state that in nearly all arrests for manufacture, sale, and deliver of marijuana, firearms have been found in posession of the suspects. This raises the question of why a “docile and gentle” group of people would need to obtain their product from a person who generally has more guns available to them, than police officers carry while on duty. You also mention the arrest of DeMario Mayfield and Matthew Leibel and that they were not dealers, nor were they carrying guns. In reply, I ask you this; Who did they buy their product from? Do you feel as though their “dealer” has guns?

    The fact that end users don’t always have guns on them doesn’t mean that deadly weapons are not involved with marijuana use. After all, if you had hundreds of dollars in cash and drugs, wouldn’t you have some way to protect yourself from robbery or theft?

    Further commenting on the case of Mr. Mayfield, you clearly think that no action should have been taken against him (or anyone else charged for marijuana related crimes). However, consider that Driving While Impaired is also a misdemeanor. Would you support impaired driving of a public figure of your university? Let us also not forget that driving while under the influence of marijuana is still considered DWI. I cannot think of a single public institution that would condone anyone associated with them committing an act such as driving drunk. Actions such as that are always delt with swiftly in order to minimize the bad publicity.

    While on the subject of misdemeanors, you seem to emphasize that possession of marijuana should be overlooked because it is not a “serious” crime. If you did some research into the crimes that are misdemeanors in North Carolina, I think you would be surprised. Stopping to think off of the top of my head, you pretty much have to cause injury to a person to commit a felony (there are exceptions of course). When you mentioned the “six” times that you were nearly struck by motorists, those people were quite possibly breaking a law known as Careless and Reckless driving. Being found guilty of violating this law in North Carolina results in a misdemeanor conviction. It’s the same level of crime as simple possession of marijuana. Now, you claim that two UNC-C Campus Police officers witnessed this crime, yet did nothing about it. No attempts to stop the drivers, no checking to see if you were injured, no nothing. Well, let me enlighten you to a well known, yet poorly understood legal provision known as “Officer Discression”. This provision allows officers to use knowledge, training, and judgement to determine their course of action during the course of investigating a crime. In fact, there is only one statute in the state that requires officers to arrest – that is violation of a N.C.G.S. 50B Domestic Violence Protection Order. No other crime carrys this requirement of officers, not even first degree murder. So, having considered this, why do you feel that officers should only use discression and turn their heads when it comes to marijuana? You practically demand officers to close their eyes when it comes to marijuana, yet feel that the entire force should be called out for a few college students driving erraticly. To me, this is being rather hypocritical and an attempt to skew the laws to your own personal beliefs.

    In your statement about seeing a person at the chancellors residence at the exact same time you smelled marijuana smoke, it appears that you possibly witnessed a crime in progress – yet, you chose not to report it. How often do you witness possible crimes, dangerous situations, or suspicious activities and not report those? Perhaps if you reported these happenings to police (campus or CMPD), officers could get the break in catching an armed robbery suspect, child molester, or rapist. It’s little tips that really can make differences. In your case of seeing someone at the chancellors residence, did you ever consider that he or his family could have just been the victims of a terrible crime? Perhaps a murderer was enjoying a joint after committing his crime? Had this been the case, you might have been the only one able to give information. However, you were concerned with the politics of the situation due to having smelled marijuana smoke in the area.

    My last thought is of your statement that police forces in this country can be reduced by 75% simply by legalizing marijuana. I am very curious as to how legalization will stop theft, assault, DWI, child exploitation, rape, and all the other non-marijuana crimes that police deal with every day. Can you perhaps offer a more detailed explaination? If you can, with your reasoning explained, I will give it my undivided attention! The statements that you have made about reduction of force, “police unions” (of which there are none in North Carolina), and general lack of need for police says to me that you do not have a firm grasp of law enforcement. Yes, officers have, do, and will make mistakes. Officers are human, just the same as you. And I will go one step further – if you see an officer committing a crime, it is your duty as a student, citizen, and human being to report it. If you feel unsatisfied with the first official you report it to, go to another one. Police supervisors want to know about it as much as you do!

    I do make one plea with you. Obviously you are a non-violent person and don’t like to associate yourself with people who are. I share that philosophy. As a fellow human being, I emplore you to not urge “rising up” or making peoples “lives miserable”. This encourages the very violence that I feel you detest.

    ~Elliot Ness~

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