UNCC Public Service career fair review – this job fair on October 4 was a complete waste of time.

UNCC Public Service career fair review

I went to the UNCC public career fair on October 4th and found it to be a complete waste of time.

I have been to numerous job fairs over the years, in good times and in bad (like after the dot com bubble burst and the NASDAQ crashed. Many times I am not actively seeking a job but am just out perusing and networking. I have my own businesses and am kind of at the upper echelon ($100,000 plus – but not near the UNCC chancelor’s $1 million + salary for not doing a whole lot – no wonder his whole family specializes in college chairman positions – just research Dubois and you will see for yourself).

Anyways, so I went to this public service job fair on October 4, 2011 at UNCC. It was held in the Lucas room in the Cone center. I should have known that when most career fairs are held in bigger buildings like the Student Activity Center and gym and this one was held in a small room (very small for a career fair) that something was up.

I went and filled in my tag and gave the ladies at the front my information (student ID card). Then I went in and let me tell you I was disappointed. The turn out was terrible and the majority of government agencies and non-profits that were there were not hiring or looking for potential employees.

Don’t pay for a movie rental ever again!

Some like A Rose of Thanks were looking primarily for volunteers. There were 2 police organizations (CMPD and the Greensboro police department). And then I turned the corner and saw it – the Obama 2012 campaign. Of course it was staffed by racist black people that were only on Obama’s ticket because he is black. I talked to them for just a few minutes and their completely racist opinions and determinations became clear very quickly – “I don’t care to hear it, I am voting for Obama anyway…” So sad that they cannot formulate an educated opinion and vote for someone that doesn’t lie, cheat or steal and that can produce a real, valid birth certificate (Obama was clearly born outside the US in Kenya according to Netanyahu and Israel’s infamed Mossad).

I understand we are in a recession, but there wasn’t much at this job fair worth anyone’s time. Most of the government agencies or non-profits in attendance weren’t even accepting resumes – you have to enter them online to start the process (this is where everyone is going nowadays). Students, as a whole, would be far better off just going online and researching the companies, government agencies, non-profits or whatever they wish to work for and then submitting their resumes online.

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Also, I have seen quite a few of the resumes that have come through the office of the University Career Center and they are BLAND and BORING. These resumes are supposed to sell a potential employer on wanting to hire you – not put them to sleep. My advice here is to forgo the University Career Center and use online resources and think outside the box.

I know there is a recession going on (mostly due to corporate and political greed), but there are jobs to be had. You have to be creative in seeking them out and then you have to distance yourself from everyone else. The best way to do this is to go to a real career fair (non-UNCC one) or, better yet, a trade fair related to your interests.

For example, if you are in Computer Science or a related field you should go to any of the large computer related fairs held throughout the country. If you like search engine marketing or SEO then SES, SMX or a similar trade show may be for you. It is educational and you will make great contacts – the networking is far better then in any job fair.

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The trade shows can cost anywhere from $10 to several hundred for a multi-day training event (but you can use these in your resume and they do count like wildfire if they are closely related to your career pursuits). Many of these trade shows and similar offer reduced or even free admission for students.

And the best part of these trade shows, expos, etc… is that the salaries are much, much higher for the same jobs that you will find through your local college like UNCC. Many jobs that students here at UNCC accept through UNCC career fairs average $35,000 to $50,000 at best. The same jobs at these career fairs with just a little networking can be had at $70,000 plus especially in computer and technology related fields.

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I can tell you this from personal experience. I turned down a job offer for $97,000 last year with IBM. I would never have been offered even close to that at any of the UNCC career fairs. I don’t bother at all with any offers unless there are six figures plus lots of benefits. It amazes me that the college students at UNCC literally accept paltry offers and don’t know how to get the real, better paying jobs.

That is entirely the fault of the UNCC Career Center – they need to strive a little harder, get out a little more, dust off their computers, put down those donuts, research a little more and learn to think outside the box. UNCC students are paying higher fees and tuition then ever (can we say ridiculous and $395 parking fees in the same sentence) and need better paying jobs, better career fairs and better advice to help them pay off their student debts and get a jump start in life.

All I can say is that the UNCC public career fair was the worst career fair I have ever been to. It was a complete waste of time for anyone. It sucked.

And do me a favor – keep the racist Obaminators out. Obama 2012 – yeah, right… That was ridiculous. UNCC administrators should be taking on the role of protecting students from lying scumbags and scammers, not delivering the students to them. Obama was not born in the USA, Osama Bin Laden was dead over 10 years ago (the recent Osama Bin Laden killing ws all falsified to increase Obama’s press polls and acceptance ratings), More dead people (thanks to ACORN – which interestingly enough was a big thing on UNCC’s campus to get Obama elected) voted for Obama then in all previous elections from George Washington onward, etc…

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UNCC needs to protect their students from crap (like Obama 2012) and crappy, low paying jobs and career fairs. If UNCC can afford these $200 million dollar buildings (like the new energy building), the new football stadium, million dollar salaries and lots of cushy benefits for the chancellor and other executives then it can certainly afford to weed out crappy job fairs and employers (like at the public service fair) and help students get better paying jobs. After all, these students are going to be your alumni. Doesn’t UNCC want them in higher paying jobs and to go farther with their careers? WTF would they want them volunteering to help the worst president in history with his reelection campaign and his racist supporters?

Racism in any form does not have any place anymore in America (except if you ask Rev. Al Sharpton – as we all know this race-baiter needs it to justify himself and make a very lush living at the expense of poor black Americans).

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